I think you’ll see the Pig Book somewhere (that’s what my friends call it). See, the pig found the body, and that led our heroine into all kinds of mayhem. It’s a fun book, and I do hope to find a home for it and my others. There’s one where a nationally known author is killed at an autograph signing at a writer’s convention, and one where …

Well, I hope they’ll find their way to your bookshelf someday.

What do I do for inspiration? I know this sounds like a cliche, but I really am a glass-half-full person. I can see the bright side to just about anything. I usually have brief moments of, ‘Ah, sh*t, I can’t believe that happened.’ Then I stomp around the house a bit, come back and sit down, and say, ‘I wonder if I can spin this somehow? What if ….’ And I also have a sort of Happy Bunny attitude. When life hands you lemons, squirt juice in the eyes of your enemies (I love that saying).

I have this little motto sitting on my computer at work: “Fiction is the best revenge.” And it really is. I have to admit, I have put a few characters in books that are people I don’t particularly like. I try to just pick out certain points to use (a certain mannerism, or a habit, or a way of speech). I often make them the bad guy or perhaps a suspect. Sometimes they’re a victim, but I try to disguise them enough that they’re *almost* recognizable.

But most of what I create is just that — a creation, spun solely out of my imagination. There is just so much plot fodder lying around if you just know how to look at it.

As to news: 4 books out this year, one currently in print, others to follow. The best way to follow news about me is to check my web site (http://www.jayellwilson.com) or sign up for my monthly newsletter (details on how-to at my web site). I do my own web site design and updates, so I try to keep it current. I’ll be updating it this weekend with some of the reviews I’ve been getting. I’m so glad (and I appreciate) that people are enjoying my mature characters. I’ve had to buck a few editors to keep those ages, and I’ve got a stack of rejection letters to show for it.

My next book in September is a total change of pace. It’s a reincarnation story set in 1876, and is what is known as a ‘high concept novel’ (which means it’s a bit complicated). I created a world in which God has directly intervened in the lives of people, giving us a portal into the past. God also gave us the knowledge of reincarnation, and when we die, we’re given a choice: be reincarnated and expiate past sins, or be reborn with no knowledge of your past … and the person you loved. My History Patrol books are tricky to write, very complicated, with accurate historical details as well as the ‘history’ I’ve created (about our future and God’s Portal). I hope readers will love the stories … as I said, I have plans for several more. The book in September, “Forgiveness”, is one of my strongest books, I think, and the ending is guaranteed to bring a tear or two (happy and sad tears).

But even with the History Patrol books, I’ve got an older hero (James is 42) and heroine (Penelope is 36). And Jim, the shapeshifting dog (who is really James, but reincarnated) is 10 (in this life).

Did I mention it’s complex? {grin}


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