Several months ago, I met Eugenia Oganova and we had a long talk about her work and her books. Here is a short introduction on her own words.

I have always felt myself to be “on a mission” of enlightment – for myself, others, and the planet. My clairvoyant abilities allow me to have an intimate relationship with Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe, which have never felt far away to me. Being able to perceive the multidimensionality of universal energy, I live in a perpetual experience of Source’s Light/Code in every moment, parallel to regular life’s circumstances, thoughts and feelings. The holographic nature of our reality was apparent to me from birth, and the exploration of that hologram became my life’s work. (Eugenia Oganova’s full bio)

Two women who enjoy the topics Eugenia focuses on in her books asked if they could interview her. Those interviews are included below. The first focuses on Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit. The second is based on questions that arose after reading Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit and prompted the woman to decide she had to read Mission Alpha as well.

Why did you write and publish Awakening the Harmony Within?

I wrote this book for the sake of humanity – it is meant as a support for internal investigation in order to have the tools for awakening. My book not only explains the paths one can take to get there, but also presents information and instructions on the HOW to do this. My goal is to help the readers generate awareness of spiritual advantages or disadvantages to certain ways of feeling, thinking and behaving, in order to gain the self-power of discernment and the mastery of spiritually beneficial actions.

The subtitle of your book is How to Create with Spirit. Can you explain that in more details? How do you explain Spirit?

Spirit is what most people refer to as “Source” or “God”. Sprit is a threefold concept, and in Awakening the Harmony Within I explain that trinity. Spirit is everything, and a Soul is an individual component of Spirit. Soul descends into density to gather wisdom and experience and then ascends back to pure Light. Here is an excerpt from the “Is-ness and Illusions” chapter:

“…Conceptually Is-ness/Spirit is a Divine Trinity: the “Root Cosmic Substance” aspect, the “Creator” aspect, and the “Light/Word/Code” aspect.

“Root Cosmic Substance” is the Spirit’s material for Creation. This is why people say “all is Love” – this component is what we label Eugenia Oganovapure Divine Love. It is the potentiality of the harmonious creation of everything. Energy/prana/Ether, as the support life force, is this substance, it is the “supply of the Source”.

“Creator” is the Spirit’s original spark for Creation. Energy/prana/Ether, as enlivening life force, is this component, it is the “aliveness of the Source,” the initial “Spark of God”.

“Light/Word/Code,” or Logos, is the Symbiosis of Creation, it is the super- system of symbiotic arrangement of the Universal Laws, a Holographic Source-Code that allows meanings to be generated, circulated, and interpreted. It is the Divine Intelligence, the “Unity Consciousness.

What role do you see the Soul having in creation?

Souls are individualized expressions of holographic Is-ness – composites of Root Cosmic Substance and the Creator energies, playing in the Light/Word/Code of Unity Consciousness. Each Soul creates its own reality through its own perception, in order to explore the Source-Code and become God again. Through this exploratory process Souls gain self-awareness, enriching Source/Spirit/Is-ness with consciousness (an awareness of its own existence)…”

You say “If you can imagine it, you can make it happen” – but the small print includes “as long as your desire is in alignment with the Divine Plan”. Will you explain when and who creates  the Divine Plan and how does “free will play in this? Is there any support you can offer to help people with the question of destiny and “creating our reality”?

The Divine Plan (of the Spirit) is the involution and evolution of the Soul (the descent and ascent of consciousness). The universe is filled with possibilities, but if in any moment everything was fully available to us, we would not be able to learn anything – we would be scattered, or overwhelmed, or unconsciously omnipotent! Thus before you incarnate, your Soul, in order to be able to learn and develop, creates a plan for that lifetime (it is called a Soul Contract). Within that plan are the lessons we want to work on during this particular lifetime: the karmic issues and the desires for new learning. We do not pick “to learn everything there is to learn,” instead we focus each lifetime on something particular. The free will is our ability to make choices within the Soul Contract options. When we are in an emotional reaction (usually based on karmic or other issues) we are NOT in free will. The freedom of will is only available to us when we are in CHOICE, not in an emotional reaction.

Therefore each lifetime we work on cleaning our emotional reactions/issues and the more we do that, the more free will power we gain, which leads to us living the creation part of our Soul Contract. “Living your destiny” means being in free will choice and living your Soul Contract, while “fate” means being led in life by the emotional reactions to our karmic issues. As we clean up our issues, we move from being controlled by our fates (karma) to living our destinies.

Some people can implement energy tools, or the law of attraction, and have amazing inner and outer actualizations, and others, no matter what they try, don’t get there… When someone has tried everything they can think of to shift a health issue, or manifest money, or create something in their life and it doesn’t happen – why might that be, or what could they do that would make a difference? 

There is a lot of information available about creation, especially statements like “I can create anything that I desire” (from Abraham Hicks, from “The Secret”, and many more similar books). That is true, it is the Law of Attraction based on the personal energy broadcast (which I describe in detail in my book), but the “small print” is that the “I” in that sentence is the Higher Self, and not the Ego or the Lower Self! When people say “I want to create…” they usually mean from the Ego-self. That is why it does not work. Not because the Law is flawed, but because the part doing the intending is NOT the Higher Self.

The Ego and the Lower Self are not in abundance, these parts of us are lacking something, and this is why they want to create in the first place – as a means to fill the lack… This is why these intentions do not work – the “intender” is in lack. The Higher Self on the other hand is always in alignment with the Divine Plan (the Spirit, the universal journey). And when the Higher Self is the “I” in the “I can create anything that I desire” – that sets us on a personal growth path.

Thus if you had been intending something for a long time and had done everything you could think of for that and it still didn’t work, first check who is the “intender”, and consciously work with the issues of lack that could be the subconscious components of that desire (fears, needs and lower desires are all lack-based, and not abundance-based).

Cover - How to Create with Spirit - AwakeningI know you are a big proponent of “having it all”, which to me refers to spiritual and material abundance. Do you have any guidance to help people that feel an inner conflict between their spirituality and material wealth? 

The old spiritual teachings always focus on poverty as a means of letting go of the material reality, in order to get into the spiritual one. But poverty is absolutely unnecessary for spiritual growth. What is required, on the other hand, is the DETACHMENT from the material as a source or self-definition. Since it is a hard lesson to learn, many spiritual schools choose to not even tempt an initiate with material desires, by-passing them by recommending poverty. But this is not a requirement for awakening, I actually believe it is a form of an avoidance of the issue. If someone is not tempted by the material pleasures and wealth, one cannot say he will be able to remain spiritually focused if he at some point is tempted by these things! But if someone is consciously choosing to live in abundance on all planes, including the material, yet is able to overcome an “emotional addiction” to these material things (as false safety, self-definition, or self-fulfillment) – then one truly has mastered the lesson.

What one exercise from your book would you recommend to readers to support them the most during this powerful shift in consciousness we are in?

This is from the “Intentions and Manifestation” chapter, where I also explain in detail each of the questions below to help the reader recognize a truth for themselves.

“…If something we intended for did not materialize, we need to examine these six “small print” clauses to make sure we are on track:

1-      Did the reasons for this intention originate high enough?  (Did you intend for something because it was a more harmonious state of being, or was it out of avoidance of something you did not like?)

2-      Were you ahead of yourself, not patient? (Your intention rang true in your system, but more work is required before you can fully embody it?)

3-      Were your words messy and direction unclear? (Did you spend time thinking to find precise clear wording for your intent?)

4-      Were you able to “believe without proof” or did you get scared as soon as the proof did not materialize right away?

5-      Were you overly wrapped up in “having to make it happen” instead of detachment?

6-      Did you investigate and neutralize your “internal saboteur”?…”


These questions arose after reading Awakening the Harmony Within and she is currently reading Mission Alpha to learn even more.

You mentioned that a lack of fire element causes a person to be unhappy with their body. Later, you mention that everyone is male and female. The Earth is seeing an increase in the number of children who are transgender and it makes me wonder if there is something that is reducing the fire element within the Universe, or if these children are simply recognizing the male/female within and our physical understanding is causing them to feel they need to change their gender, rather than simply accept both parts?

To clarify: Lack of Fire element means lack of vitality in the physical/etheric bodies, and lack of higher desire – i.e. the person is not functioning as a Soul-Self, but only as an Ego or the Lower Self. “Everyone is male and female” is not about the sex, but about the energy polarity – “male” is Yan, structural, active, electric; “female” is Yin, fluid, receptive, magnetic. We all have both types, but more of one than the other. It does not directly relate to the gender of the body – there are women who are more electric/mental/active, and there are men who are more magnetic/receptive/sensitive, yet they are not interested in changing their gender. In my book “Mission Alpha: The Wise and Passionate You” I have a whole chapter on these two polarities and how they relate to the energy field. Also in that book there is a chapter called “Sexual Energy and Internal Lovers” where I explain in detail how these polarities work within a person, generating sexual charge. To answer your question: the Soul is not interested in sex as humans are, from the Soul perspective sexual energy is the dynamic interplay of two opposite forces, and it has nothing to do with the material body-to-body attraction. From the Soul level we are sensual beings and we can feel that sensuality with everything (people of either sex, Nature, Universe). But sometimes a person might feel like they are “stuck in a wrong body” and desire the change of gender. It has always been so, but only recently we had arrived to the level of material science where something can be done about it – and it is also more known in human social consciousness, so parents might recognize it much sooner in their children and help with the process of change, when before parents could have either not noticed, or worked hard to suppress it in their child, never mind that the hormonal and surgical components of such change were not available before. Usually transgender occurs for one of these two reasons:

1-      a super strong influence from the past life that the person cannot psychologically shake, and because of it see himself/herself sexually of the gender they were in the past life – i.e. used to be a man, now born as a woman but desires to be a man again (this past life influence used to be the most common reason)

2-      The Soul Contract is designed in one material gender, but the body this Soul incarnated into is of an opposite gender (for example, the whole plan was made for a woman, but chromosomes in the last moment were disoriented and she was born as a boy) – then this person will feel that they cannot have their life fully until they become what they were “planned to be” (in the last 10 years this “material disorientation” – which occurs because of so many planetary adjustments as of late – is becoming the most common reason).

A greater number of souls are incarnating that have no Karmic lessons listed in their numerology charts, indicatingMission Alpha Cover Art they are old souls who did not have to be here, but instead chose to. At the same time, these people are the ones that parents, teachers, etc. are finding more difficult to raise. When you listed the signs of enlightenment, I saw many of these traits within these same people. It appears to me these “old souls” are already enlightened and it is actually our physical viewpoint that makes them seem difficult, for they don’t conform. Is there a particular reason we are seeing an increase in these enlightened souls incarnating now?

Most Souls incarnating still have karmic lessons, but they are of a different kind. More conscious beings can incarnate now because the planetary consciousness range had increased. This is due to the change of planetary host being – from Gaia to Pi (more info on this on my site here: ) From 1975 more advanced Souls could enter the planetary existence from other star systems (or re-enter it, if they were here before and transcended material existence at some point) because vibratory range had increased. These children do have a hard time being in density of our illusion Most parents are not in the same expanded range, which makes raising of such children difficult! Also, in 2009 the planet underwent the process of “Recombination of Souls”. This means that over many thousands of generations many Souls had split into many bodies (i.e. one soul had 10, or 100, or 1000 bodies, and more) – and each of these “split incarnations” was very much numb because of how little soul essence was inside, hence the “dark ages” of human history. This splitting was done originally in order to support the cleanup of back-log of human cumulative karma. Then in 2009 we had finally reached the place in human evolution when it was possible to recombine these split off pieces (and so if the Soul was split, let’s say, into 300,000 bodies and they all died, like in Burma, they came back not as 300,000 babies, but as 340 only – i.e. each child had much more capacity for awakening and more Soul presence). So most children who seem very wise are these recombined souls (if they are born after 2009). We did a tour in 2009 to match this shift:

I want to verify that I figured this out correctly. When I read your words saying we create all that happens in our lives, my mind immediately went to the period of over a year, when I was four and five, when I was repeatedly raped. My conscious mind started protesting, saying a child that young does not create such a situation. As I continued to read, it struck me there could be a purpose for this. Over the years, I went from fear, through hatred, to understanding, forgiveness and finally compassion. The things I learned through this, are what helps me guide others toward forgiveness and the release of their hatred and fear. Could that have been the purpose? My soul created the situation because it was such a strong one, making the learning of the latter reactions easier in the end.

These were definitely very traumatic experiences… I can see in your understanding of the “reason for them” you look at the external world the most – you went through fear (of them), hatred (of them), understanding (of them), forgiveness and compassion (for them). The true lesson is deeper and is always about us – the external world is an illusion anyway. The most beneficial question here would be not “why did this happen to me?” (which tends to bring the answer “so I learn compassion”), but “Why did I attract these circumstances into my life?” And the answers to that one are: so you learn to stay in your body – i.e. be present and boundaried, and also so you learn that you are NOT the body – i.e. even if the body is hurt, you are free. This is one of the hardest lessons and we only choose it when we are ready on the Soul level. When I say “we”, I mean the Soul part of us, not the personality. Obviously a child does not choose to be violated. Neither does the Soul really, but the Soul does want to utilize the “culminating point” occasionally, when we arrive at one on the awakening path – to wake up inside the Illusion. In order to do this, we tend to create traumatic circumstances (pain) – of the type that will trigger us the most. For some it is betrayal or being alone, for others it is physical or sexual abuse and pain, for others it is fear and entrapment. Whatever karmic “unfinished lesson” we have is activated. We do not choose to be hurt, we chose to rip the infected, already existent, wound open so we can have an opportunity to heal it. It is impossible to miss the karmic lesson when it comes with so much force into our life… The pain was already there, and the physical circumstance, especially in early childhood, activates that pain so it can show us the path that the Soul intended. In “Mission Alpha” I have a whole chapter on “Mastery”, divided into sub-categories of personal design, codes, power, intentions etc., that can also help in understanding how and why we (the Soul-Self) create difficult situations, and how to gain wisdom through these traumatic experiences.

About Awakening the Harmony Within

At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is.  Questions like “there must be something more than this?!” and “what is my purpose, why am I here?” begin to surface. If you are one of these people,then this book is for you.

By clearing resistance to being a spiritual adult, by taking responsibility not only for our actions, but also for our emotions, our thoughts, and our beliefs, we begin walking the Soul path of Harmony. By facing the circumstances of our lives and learning through them, we dutifully study the lessons inside of our material classroom. As this isoccurring, we remember more of our spiritual journey beyond this lifetime – past, parallel, future lifetimes – because the identity of this lifetime expands to incorporate the larger Self of the Soul, the Divine Mind is activated and knowledge that is not linear becomes readily available.

About Mission Alpha

This is the manual you wish you had when you were born! Nothing just happens for no reason, there is always a meaning – and I teach you how to find that meaning. The disease does not strike us randomly, it is a consequence of a prolonged energy imbalance. I show you how to recognize these faulty energy configurations and clean them up before the illness develops, and how, by changing your intention, heal the disease if it is already here. The courage, power, fulfillment and even happiness are energy states and I teach you how you can experience these despite of negative external circumstances. Once you begin to feel more powerful and confident, the external environment will change to align with your new Self.

Thank you to Danielle Rama Hoffman (author of The Council of Light) and Joyce Anthony (author of Storm) for suggesting these questions for Eugenia Oganova.

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