Good morning! I’m so thrilled to be here today, sharing a little bit about moi and my books. And speaking of books, I’ll be giving away 3 signed copies to 3 lucky winners! How cool is that? Thought I’d start out the day with a few facts about me.

Where am I from? I’m originally from Maine but have lived most of my life in hell…I mean Florida. Well, it is hot here!

Did I ever find my prince charming? Yes…twice:)

How old was I when my first book came out? I’d just turned fifty.

What are my current projects? I just finished the manuscript for “The Promise”, a story about a marine and his dead brother’s beautiful young wife. The story takes place over the Christmas holidays at a Vermont farm where the whole family has gathered to celebrate.

Do I see writing as a career? Writing has always been a hobby for me. Maybe if I’d started at a younger age things would have been different but no, I don’t see it as a career. I do, however hope it will supplement my income when I retire.

Is there anything I find particularly challenging in my writing? The discipline it takes. I can’t make myself write so I can go a long time and not write a single word. Unlike some authors I’ll never be one of those who can accept a contract for unwritten work.

Do I have any advice for other writers? Always! LOL Basically don’t give up on your dreams. If you believe in yourself someone else will, too. And look at rejection in a positive light. Learn from it and go onJ

If there was one thing I could change about myself, what would it be? Gee, other than losing weight, dying my hair platinum blond and having a million dollars in the bank? I guess I’d have to say God give me more patience!   

Do I have a favorite song, movie, or TV show? Last of the Mohicans is my all time favorite. The one with Daniel Day Lewis in it.

Do I drink? Yes…ice tea, water, coffee.

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I’ll be back with more posts later!

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