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I am Frances Stockton and I’m an author of Paranormal Romance for Cerridwen Press, with two books in my Panthera series currently available. Before I get into my books, let me tell you a little about myself.

Since the age of 13, I’ve considered myself a writer. Enjoying the chance to put day dreams on paper, I completed my first manuscript in Middle School, complete with a contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder with a Nancy Drew flair, who was dating a Hardy Boy! So, naturally, I’ve always been interested in writing romance. To say that life, school, work, college, and more work interfered would be an understatement. I’ve been a Pharmacy Aid, a Veterinary Technician and a teacher at the Secondary Education level, teaching Social Studies and History. It wasn’t until I moved to New England that I wrote full time, joined RWA and my local RWA chapter, NEC, and really learned how to write, submit my work, work on craft, POV, characterization, and so much more. The friendships and support I’ve received from my chapter, and my critique group, have been invaluable. Now I’ve published two books with Cerridwen Press, with a third on the way!

Seductive Persuasion became available in ebook in December of 08 and is now also available in print from Cerridwen Press. A few Barnes and Noble stores carry the book in stock, but I find that it’s much easier to order it right from Jasmine Jade and Cerridwen Press. In fact, there are buy links right on the home page of my website, which is http://www.francesstockton.com. There you can view a book video, reviews, and excerpts!

But don’t worry, this is only my first post of the day. If all goes well (sometimes I can technically challenged, meaning computers give me grief…lol), I’ll be back in a little while to post more information about Seductive Persuasion and also book 2 in the Panthera series, Rhiannon’s Pride, now available in ebook format.

So, before I go refresh my cup off coffee, get out of my pajamas and eat some breakfast, let me give you a brief blurb of each book.

Seductive Persuasion:
As an Elder of a diminishing race, Garrick Forrester has lived through wars, plagues and two arranged marriages. But nothing he’s experienced has prepared him for the discovery of his mate or for her resistance. To keep Aisley Reeves safe from an unimaginable enemy, he must persuade her to become his willing countess, while keeping her under constant guard.

Imagine Aisley’s dismay when the Earl of Danford demands she become his betrothed by the close of a fortnight. Already fearful her work as a healer and her birthmark might tempt some to brand her as a witch, she believes it is best to keep her distance from the dark, mesmerizing earl whose thoughts she can hear and who reminds her of a black leopard patrolling the forest. However, when Garrick’s gifts become her only hope for survival, she must decide if she can trust her heart to a man who is far more than human.

You can find out more about Seductive Persuasion by visiting my website, http://www.francesstockton.com or by following this link: http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-6809-527-seductive-persuasion.aspx

Likewise, here’s a blurb for book 2 in the Panthera series, Rhiannon’s Pride!
Book 2 in the Panthera series.

Plagued by headaches and memory loss, Rhiannon has spent years being unknowingly prepared to become the wife of an earl. When the man displays a mysterious painting, she is inexplicably drawn to its depiction of a mythical race. Believing she may be related to them, she and her lady’s maid flee to Florence in the hopes of finding the artist. While visiting the Piazza della Signoria two months later, she is unaware that the very man she needs to find has been watching her.

Artist Dante is an Abcynian Elder, capable of changing into a lion. The moment he recognizes Rhiannon’s panthera leo heritage he rushes to claim her. He discovers her illness and takes her home. As she heals, they fall in love and Dante helps her reclaim her memory. But their future happiness will be threatened by her fears of the past and a vicious man’s plans for Rhiannon.

To learn more about Rhiannon’s Pride, you can simply follow this link: http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-7223-527-rhiannons-pride.aspx

Now, I’m going to take a short break for coffee, breakfast, and to make myself a bit more comfortable, but today I’ll be here very often. So do feel free to post, comment, leave a question, and I’ll respond!

I love interacting with readers and writers, and while I’ll also be working on my WIP, blogging about current books is a ton of fun. Also, anyone who leaves a comment will have their name entered into a drawing for an Ellora’s Cave tee shirt and a deck of EC playing cards.

Later in the day, I’ll also be posting a question that, if answered correctly, can have your name entered to win an autographed copy of Seductive Persuasion in print! So do stay tuned, check back, comment and say hello. This day is meant for fun and relaxation.

Until the next post, happy reading!

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