It’s a world of My Space..It’s a world of Face Book .. It’s a world of Live Journal.. it’s a world of blogger. 

I’m sure when Al Gore first invented the internet *ha ha!!* he never dreamed it would grow into this super highway stretching as far as the RAM could read.  Now there’s this  big Cyber World out there for an author to get lost in, and by that I mean procrastinate. 


However, by that same token, there is a lot of information available right at your fingertips.  Do you use the big bad cyberworld for research? Or are you old fashioned and get it first hand, at libraries, from interviews whether on the phone or face to face? 


I love the convenience of Google and Ask Jeeves, but know that a good relationship with your local librarian and first hand knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System can’t be downplayed. 


But, I’ll confess that I’ve never turned down a picture if it’s tasteful and extra hunky. 

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