Mommas always love to tell their daughters to stay away from the bad boys, and as you say, they (we) gravitate toward them.  I think it’s the thrill of what could happen that attracts us.  Will he try to …have his way with me in public?  Is there the thrill of being caught?  Or is it more that we are trying to show a side of us that is usually contained? 

I married a good man.  Not all bad boys are marriage material, but they certainly make for great fantasies during…times when you’re bored.  We won’t say while being with our husbands or they may read this and discover the truth.  But women love fantasy which is why we flock to the bookstores to get our hands on the newest romance novel.  The trashier the better lately.  And I use the term ‘trash’ loosely.  No pun intended. 

Give us an excerpt or two, Lyn!  I’d love to read more on your bad boy. Thanks!

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