I have been out shopping lately, and must brag that I’m done!  I can’t believe it, because most years I’m out until Christmas Eve still doing a little ‘picking up’.  Of course, it’s easier for me now not having little ones to worry about at home, but I must say the spirit of Christmas isn’t as ‘fun’ as it used to be. 

You parents know what I’m talking about.  Hiding things in the closets, under the beds, in the garage, wherever you can to make certain there are big surprises come Christmas morning.  To see your children’s eyes light up when they open that toy they’ve been dreaming about for months is worth the long line ups in the store, and the empty bank account that takes until next summer to refill.

I still love this time of year for the spirit of joy it brings me.  It’s hard to complain too much with Christmas music playing and beautiful lights strewn all around.  Don’t get me wrong, people still do it.  And do you ever notice how ignorant some people are this time of year?  You can be moving around the store, humming a carol in your head, and thinking about all the cooking and family that will be coming over… when you bump into someone else’s cart.  I always say, “Excuse me”, but lately I don’t even get an “That’s okay” because it’s sometimes THEIR fault.  I get a glare, or a big huffing sigh.  Well, let me ram this cart up your backside then, if you’re going to act like I just violated you!  That really makes me mad.  If you’re not enjoying your shopping – go home and let the rest of us who do enjoy it, do it in peace.  The faces on some people surprises me.  This is where Christmas gets too commercialized.  When did it become about whose children get the better/bigger toys?  The most expensive light saver (or saber, whatever the Star Wars call them) when you can get a perfectly good dollar store version that works as well… not to mention they’ll only play with it for a week. 

Some of you will tell me ‘well, my kid wants the real one’.  HELLO!  Who is teaching them that’s okay????  Who is the adult?  It’s like saying it’s okay to let your 11 year old girl go to school with three inches of make up and a short skirt because ‘she wanted to look like everyone else’.  So when she’s pregnant by 13 and takes a baby home, will you feel better that she was like everyone else?

Sorry, I didn’t want to rant today.  I want everyone to remember the spirit; the homemade presents that we received (and loved) when we were kids.  Teach our children to be thankful for what they have instead of making them think it’s okay to always ask for more.  Tell them the story of Christmas and remind them that we are celebrating a birthday, not a gift giving party for them.

That’s my brew for today. 

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