And you know that’s always a most dangerous thing to do.
You see I have this little problem. Okay, yep, I know the doc will deal with that once he stops laughing.
Actually, though, I have another problem and I thought maybe some of you nice readers out there would be able to help me with this one. There’s this, WIP I have. (WIP short for WHIP. The thing the editor uses when I’m not getting things in within the deadlines.)
Let me explain the details, and I promise I’ll try and be as serious as I can.
Really. J
The Sad and Tragic Tale of The Narcissus Complex. (TNC)
The Narcisus Complex is book one of The Silent Women series in the PIACT universe. This series of five books revolves around the female undercover agents of this super secret agency.
The Narcissus system is a large red giant out in sector Z-3. Far enough away from the regular independent systems to avoid most contact with the rest of civilization but close enough, barely, for trade with the most daring of merchants that head their way.
The leaders of Narcissus V like it this way as it prevents the cultural poisoning that so often happens when society from different worlds and systems can meet and mix.
The leaders want to keep it this way.
The rulers of Narcissus are women.
The male population of Narcissus are not slaves, as such, but their status is barely more than indentured servants and breeding stock to their arrogant and superior mates and mistresses. Their society lives in a complex array of living modules and work bases orbiting the large barren planet. And life has been good, for most, with very little conflict and dissention. The people of the colony growing food in agricultural platforms and taking their raw materials from the mineral rich planet beneath them.
Then something goes wrong. Suddenly the males of the colony are growing restless and agitated, the council are fighting amongst themselves and the fate of the colony suddenly hangs in the hands of a lunatic intent on blowing them all into Sadie’s Hell. A lunatic who is threatening the very fabric of Federation space.
Tricia Kolfer is PIACT’s last chance to save the colony and determine the true cause behind the chaos there. What happened to Karla Brastin, the agent PIACT lost on Narcissus three months ago? Who is the mysterious woman that guides Tricia through a maze of political intrigue and murder. And where is the Vostner device—that one terrifying machine that can bring doom to the Universe and beyond?
Okay folks that’s the set up. What I need help with is…
Who is Tricia’s aide and confidante. She’s sent in to investigate but after the loss of Karla PIACT refuse to send her in alone. Tricia’s aide is a young lady, bouncy, optimistic, loyal and occasionally honest—a professional thief turned secret agent J BUT WHAT IS HER NAME?
Give me suggestions and I’ll throw them all into a draw, the winner getting a signed copy of Poseidon VII instantly teleported by USPS to their doorstep. If you already have my book and don’t want another one (sniff) I’ll substitute a 10 dollar gc instead.
The best name, chosen by me and my critique group will (if approved by the editor) then be used in the novel. What do you think about that?
So come on guys, help me out here. I need you!
I’ll hold the contest open until Midnight EST on the 10th April and to enter just give your suggestion here in a regular blog comment. I’m looking forward to reading them.

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