January Gets Her Gunn by Gwynn MorganCVRG-JanuaryGetsGun

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This book has a lot of my late husband’s extensive background in law enforcement woven through the story.  In fact we co-wrote most of the book before his passing. It was not quite finished at his death and I had to let it sit awhile before I could do the last few chapters and get it into the queue to be published but I knew I had to! It was special to both of us.  I wish we could have done some others we had planned but I do not have the in-depth knowledge to make them authentic as this one is. There are bits of many people he knew scattered through the tale and January is a special character to us both. There is a bit of him in Gunn, as Jim Walton was of Scots ancestry and very proud of that fact. There are no lengthy car chases or “Dirty Harry” scenes here but it is a strong story weaving romance and the daily adventures of working cops into a riveting narrative.

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