We are so honored to have such a wonderful line up this month here at Coffee Time.

We will be having Day in the Life with some fabulous Harlequin authors. Readers have you ever wanted to know what happens in an author’s writing life? What is their goals? What books do they have coming out? What stories are they working on? How did they start writing for Harlequin? Now is the time to find out all the details on your favorite authors and meet your new favorites (wink). These wonderful ladies have prizes to give away and information on their new books and themselves they are going to share with us during the entire month of July.

And to put you right over the top on the information highway, you can pop into The Pink Heart Society blog and the ladies there will have more great news and special things for you including a great big ‘hamper’ of neat things to give away!

So pop in every day so that you don’t miss all of the great goodies here and in our Featured Contests for the month of July, just click and win!

We are going to start this month off with a special Congratulations to an author and her 50th book release!  So stay tuned to find out about a Day in the Life of Kate Walker!

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