The tech that Senth is about to claim will make him invisible. When he discovers he has a human half-brother who’s bound by a cruel slaver, Senth searches for a way to win his brother’s freedom.

But his brother wants only revenge for being made a slave. A fact he lays squarely at the feet of Senth… This new tech might make Senth invisible, but it can’t hide him from the truth.

In this scene, Luc has asked his adopted son to go get the new Thieves’ Guild tech, an invisibility cloak that the young man has just aquired.

Tag! You’re It!

The moment Senthys left the room, Luc stood and pulled on his own cloak and gloves. After raising the hood, he settled into an out of the way corner. How long had it been since he’d played hide and seek with his son?

Seemed centuries ago.

Back then, it had been behind curtains and furniture. Nothing so high tech as this.

Senthys had been four. Five? Older, perhaps. The boy had thrown himself into the game with all the gusto of a ruckball player completing a pass. When he’d find Luc, he’d squeal with delight and start hissing, dancing from one foot to the other. And then Luc would throw his arms wide and his son would run to him…

A shimmer of light revealed that Senthys had entered the room and passed before a lamp. As Luc grew accustomed to the effect, his son’s outline showed. Rather like the aura Luc could see around his own people, but a hundred times dimmer.

The immortal needed every gift in his arsenal to stay ahead of Senthys.

With each visit Luc made to this world, the young mortal grew closer to discovering Luc’s secret life. Once his son learned the truth, there could be no going back.

Such knowledge posed a threat to himself, his people hidden around the Empire, and more importantly, to his all-too-mortal son.

A son whose mentors all coached him in uncovering corporate secrets and lies.

When Senthys had passed the lamp the third time, Luc tapped him on the shoulder.

With a hiss that morphed into a screech, the boy knocked back his hood, which turned off the invisibility.

Laughing, Luc pushed back the hood of his own. “Tag. You’re it.”

Bro is the second book in the Antonello Brothers series. Want to read it free? Join one of Kayelle’s reader groups and find out how you could get this and all her other books — free forever. Be watching for the spinoff of this series, Antonello Brothers: Immortal.
Kayelle Allen writes space opera with characters you can relate to in worlds you’d never imagine.
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