I’ve decided it’s time to clean out the basement this week. And for those of you who have had children that are now out on their own – this so called basement is more of a haven for dustbunnies and their balls, spiders and their billions of offspring and family…..and …. well, other things I’d rather not mention.

I swear, I have to wonder when going through this stuff just WHAT I was thinking when I decided to keep it. I am the queen of pack rats. They should call me Ratwoman! I could teach a course on the silliest things to hang on to. Yes, we’ll call it Pack Rat with attitude 101. Want to sign up?

I found things like baby soothers, baby teeth, adult teeth (from when my son had braces), his retainer, old papers with either nothing on them, or things I wish I hadn’t read about my children. Man – I should have been more nosey when they were teenagers! The things they were doing would make you .. well, I’m sure we all did it – who am I kidding? Their good kids now so that’s the point I suppose.

I have learned a lot about my family while doing this chore. The first thing is that men will do it anywhere, at any time, and without a care in the world if you’re dressed, smell good, or … human. I’m all dolled up (I use this term loosely) with my hair under a scarf, my face is red and my nose is puffy from sneezing, and I’m sure the outfit I was wearing was cool in the 70’s, but for now it’s just known as cleaning clothes – and my hubby comes downstairs with his ‘hey baby what’s happening” look and I’m thinking “oh no…..you’ve GOT to be kidding me.” But no, when he decided to hug me and attempt to get some nookie……I wanted to bury him with the box with the old teeth in it. Ugh! Honestly! I said, “I’m not showered, here!” and he just shook his head and said, “not to worry….I won’t look”. LOOK! What about SMELL…….TOUCH……good lord. Do men not FEEL? I know they don’t have much sense, but we’re talking no SENSE at all! Out of five senses, they have one. TASTE – and that’s for food.

However, I did also learn that my family had a great life…..lots of pictures, notes, cards, etc. Makes me teary. However, I must go shower before I get attacked again = dust bunnies and their balls and all………

Have a good one!


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