I have a bad habit… when I read about an author and their books, I don’t write down the information. Then I go to the bookstore and try to find what I am looking for. I have discovered some of the best books in this way. Kelley Armstrong is one of those authors. I went in looking for a different author and found this set. She writes about women who are intelligent, tough and determined. Oh yeah, and they are supernatural. There is a werewolf named Elena, a witch named Paige, a renegade witch named Eve, Eve’s daughter Savannah who is what happens when a powerful witch sleeps with a powerful demon, a demon called Hope, a medium named Jaime and then there are the men… demons, vampires, werewolves, witches. I have to admit I am a little partial to the books involving the wolves (mainly because I have a teeny tiny crush on Jeremy Danvers. It’s the alpha male thing!!) But every book takes you a little deeper into the realm of Otherworld, where you get to follow these amazing people throughout their world.

Kelley Armstrong’s website

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