So we have been talking about what sci-fi/futuristic books actually are. I actually looked up what the definitions of each was just to see if paranormal genres fit within this category. Not once did it state that sci-fi and paranormal are the same. However, it does state that sci-fi and supernatural are synonyms as well as paranormal and supernatural are synonyms. That is close enough for me. When I think of an author who breathes new life into this genre, I think of Keri Arthur. I am a huge fan of the Riley Jensen Guardian Series. With these stories, even though it mainly revolves around one character, there is enough storyline within all these books to make them unique and fantastic. Of course, the fact that Riley is part werewolf and part vampire, something unheard of in her time, makes the tale all that more sensational. Here is just one of the reviews that was written by Maura, a fellow CTR Reviewer about The Darkest Kiss: If you have not picked up this series yet, I highly recommend you do, because Keri Arthur will blow you away with her sensual wording and wonderful imagination. Not to mention that the men in this series are so hot that I can just feel the heat from their touch burning through the pages.

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