The only thing that hasn’t changed in Oman is the Trade Winds. They sweep over the Indian Ocean, pushing the waves onto the land. Cold water rushes up to fill the gap, hits the warm air and turns into a mist which settles over the land. The season is called Khareef and travelers from all over the Gulf States come to Salalah to experience the shrouded mists and fog, so unusual for this desert region.
     Oman is the land of Frankincense and in ancient times, the sap from these trees was more valuable than gold. Omani sailors used the Trade Winds to carry the incense around the world. I had hoped to find remnants of this incredible seafaring nation but centuries of no development has left little evidence.
     There is one archaeological site called Sumharam. Inland, behind Sumharam, is a massive wadi, a dry river bed that in Khareef season fills with water and rushes over a cliff in a waterfall. Below Wadi Darbat on the flat plain of the coast is the Sumharam ruin, an ancient fortress that rests on a hill at the mouth of a beautiful bay. It is said to be the home of the Queen of Sheba.
     When I stood on the hill and looked back, I could see why the spot has been designated as a World Heritage site. There is a sense of something lost, something vital and full of life. I wondered if I’d finally found that extraordinary thing to write about.
     The inspiration has not come yet, but I do know that south of me on the green-blue waters of the Arabian Sea are Somalian pirates. Behind Wadi Darbat is the Nejd plain and beyond that, The Empty Quarter, a land of sand dunes, Bedu and camel. If I can’t find something extraordinary in all of that, than I need to stop writing!
     Thanks for letting me share a little about my new adventure. If you are interested, you can read more about my travels at
     My next release comes out in February. It’s part of the Heart’s Haven anthology and it’s called Leap of Faith and involves an angel…well several. I’ve just sold my first Inspirational romantic suspense called Never-ending Night. I have no release date for it yet, but you can look for that at my website,
     Insh’allah, God willing, there’ll be news about an upcoming, extraordinary story set in Oman, too!

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