I’ve always made up romance stories in my head. I’d see the normally grumpy v-p of finance smile at the new marketing analyst and think ‘ohhhh… there’s something there.’ I’d rationalize not writing these stories down with the standard ‘there’s already a brilliant writer writing similar stuff’ excuse.

Until one day, I was yapping with one of my best buds in the whole world, a cracker jack business gal. “Have you ever worked for a sane CEO?” I asked her. This question had been bugging me for weeks.

“I wish.” She fished the ice cubes out of her glass of water. “I’d settle for semi-rational.”

“Then why are all the business people in romance novels so boring?” Other than risking lawsuits by sleeping with their virgin secretaries, that is. I couldn’t understand it.

“Because it’s fantasy?” she suggested as she lined up her silverware perfectly straight.

‘Well, dang it,” I decided, “I’m going to write about normal business people.” Which meant, of course, I’d be writing about the insane.

So I have. I started out with the semi-normal. In Breach Of Trust, Philippe Lamont is a venture capitalist with a bit of a Napoleon complex, not that he’d ever admit to that. With Invisible, I’ve branched out to a woman making her living by hiding people. She’s so severely broken that any psychiatrist would love to lend her his couch. Hagen, the hero, has verbal diarrhea, great for his role as an auction house owner but deadly in the secretive world of hidden identities.

It has been a lot of fun but what is especially amusing is when readers comment on my imagination. Yes, of course, it is made up, because we all know business folks are boring. (wink, wink)

Every month, I give away a favorite romance eBook (no, not mine) on http://businessromance.com/ . Every week, I share a short story and a photo of a man in a great fitting suit. Why? Because men in suits are smokin’ hot!


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