My all time favorite book is Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her website: is filled with all sorts of great things, including her bio. I have included a couple of paragraphs from her website so you can see for yourself how funny and unique this lady is!

Susan Elizabeth Phillips bio: I MET MY HUSBAND on a blind date. He was in college at the time, studying engineering. I blush to confess that, as an arty ex-theater major, I wasn’t exactly sure what engineering was. To this day, he reminds me that I asked him if it had anything to do with “fixing toasters.” (Okay, I wasn’t too bright, but I had a good heart.)I STARTED TO WRITE completely by accident. I taught high school until our oldest son was born, then quit to stay home. In 1976, my husband’s job took us from Ohio to central New Jersey. My best friend Claire lived two doors down the street. Both of us were big readers, reading everything from literary fiction to the newly popular historical romance novels. We loved talking about the books-what we liked, what we didn’t. One day, just for fun, we decided to try to write a book together. For three weeks as we rode our bikes in the evening, with my toddler in the baby seat behind me, we plotted our story. Then we sat down with a yellow pad and began to write.

You can read more of her very enlightening bio on her website. Now for my choice of best love book, Kiss an Angel.

Daisy Devreaux is considered flighty, ditzy, flamboyant, and pretty enough to get by on her looks alone. When her father makes an ultimatim, she finds herself married to a complete stranger. Granted Alex Markov is gorgeous, but still he works with animals. It isn’t so much that Daisy does not like animals, more like she is terrified of them. Small or large, she freaks when she is around them. What will happen when Daisy finds out that her new home happens to be working side by side with her husband, who happens to be a circus manager? And what will happen when their nights are spent closely in a very small, very intimate trailer fit for two?

So you ask me what I love about this book so much. I have read this book over and over and over again. The writing is brilliant, the emotions are so purely written you feel yourself as one of the characters. One of the main reasons I love this book is because of how Daisy is perceived. Is she really as featherbrained and ditzy as everyone sees? No she is not and her husband comes to find out quite quickly! What I love is how this book makes me feel. So, how does it make me feel you ask? Well, whenever I see this book, even if I am not reading it, I smile and sigh and think about all the lovely reasons I LOVE THIS BOOK! If you have never read a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, this is a definite one. If you have but not this one, please please please listen to me when I say Kiss An Angel is a superb read by and outstanding author!


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