This is the beginning (or near that) of Cherry Adair’s TFlac series.  You have a quarky female and her quarky dog.  This book just got re-released in eBook so now I have 3 copies of this book…2 in paperback (one that has fallen apart) and an eBook. 

Kiss and Tell by Cherry Adair: Book Cover

Marnie Wright has seen more than her fair share of testosterone, having grown up with four over-protective brothers. But now a longhaired mountain man named Jake Dolan has invaded a peaceful day of soul-searching at her grandmother’s old cabin. Sure, she was trespassing on his private property, but did he have to pull a gun on her? After being stashed in his secret underground lair–complete with security monitors and a huge arsenal–Marnie realizes the guy is military, top secret military. Yet he also has the most beautiful mouth she has ever seen.

The last thing Jake wants in his dangerous life is a woman. Doesn’t like them. Doesn’t need them. But a man would have to be dead not to fall for someone who may be killed just for being close to him? His days, after all, are numbered…

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