ATTENTION, ATTENTION ALL GODDESSES, it's me again—Natalie Baum—and I totally think you rock! I'm oh so toe-curling glad to be back. Thanks CTR for inviting me to share some sensory overload lovemaking suggestions with your loyal readers in honor of the upcoming lovers' holiday!

Now settle in all you sexy vixens, and get your pen and paper ready because when I read the following tips for the first time, I found myself immediately in need of a journal and a cold shower. Who am I kidding? Why would I hop into a shower alone when uncorking a spicy bottle of Italian Chianti sounds so much more appealing? (Especially if you factor an exotic chocolate bar into the bottle equation.)

One tip that I found particularly interesting involved bathing together in a bathtub before getting naked naked. As much as I hope you've heard this suggestion before, I must say I think it bears repeating due to the fact that Valentines' Day is on a Tuesday this year…meaning you can start celebrating this weekend, effortlessly maintain that momentum on Monday and easily discreetly segue way into Tuesday. Obviously Wednesday's romantic business goes without saying. Hello! Big day no longer approaching because it's totally arrived! (FYI—if you are actually able to talk your man into bathing with you every single night—girl, you are a genius and clearly no longer need my help WHATSOEVER, so stop reading and go back to bed!)

If however, you are new to the bathtub duet, I suggest this helpful idea. Always blindfold your partner prior to undressing in front of him and stepping into the bathtub. Just think of all of those bubbles ever so perfectly hiding your intoxicating body parts. Why let him view your sexy sexy before inching his way up your calf under water with his fingertips and working slowly towards it? Don't cheat yourself out of his sensual, hungry touch, girl! Proper foreplay is an integral part of any stellar lovemaking session. Allow your time together in the bathtub to specifically serve this purpose.

Once you've both got your fill of sudsing-up and wish to dry off, step out of the tub, taking time to wrap one another in warm, fluffy towels. Yes, it's time to move into the budoir but no it's not time to let him climb on top of you. No way! You still deserve more foreplay than that ladies! Trust me, the more pre-sex activities the better your juicy after-flow of appreciation—if you get my drift.

So yes, head for the bed and certainly stay naked together. But rather than simply hopping into the dirty deed, surprise your man by instructing him to roll over on his stomach and then proceeding to climb on top of him. Show him you know how to properly use your hands by bestowing him with a back massage. Blow his mind by whipping out a bottle of massage lubricant, ensuring he catches a glimpse of it before dripping swirly-circles on his back. Don't fret, this massage is just as much for your pleasure as for his, simply remember to lean forward brushing your breasts across his bare flesh often and regularly. This delicate sweeping, circling motion is sure to set your nipples a blaze!

Another tip that I'd like to share simply because it is ridiculously romantic (and what better time than Valentines' Day to tilt the scales with an overabundance of lovey-dovey stuff?) involves pausing while in the midst of hot lovemaking. I know, I know…say what? That sounds absolutely crazy, right? Totally counter-productive! But trust me, try it once and you'll return again and again to the magical land of Oz that you think you've encountered after embracing its' glorious effects. Begin by laying your hand on top of your partner's chest, over his heart and have him do the same to you. Now granted, typically when a man places his hand anywhere near the immediate vicinity of my naked breasts, I innately want to encourage him to continue venturing forth and delicately fondle them, but brace yourself girls because that IS NOT the next appropriate step for this hot tip.

Rather than race for the obvious finish line awaiting you at this point in the game, take a few moments to enjoy the sensation of his heartbeat beneath your fingertips. Allow the warmth of his skin to seep into your memory. Once you're ready to ramp up your romantic connection another notch, gently lower your ear to his chest and take comfort in the soothing sound of his natural rhythms. Encourage him to lightly stroke your back and play with your hair while you lie atop him. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift away under his nurturing touch.

Now onto X-rated stuff…a tip that never fails when wanting to gratify your male partner. Yes, ladies it really is as simple as paying extremely close attention to detail when blessing his manly member with oral sex! That's right, I said it…after all that intimacy building with the heartbeating stuff you didn't think that you're man wasn't going to want some sort of hot and sexy blowjob type of thing did you, ladies?

Seeing as how it is Valentines' Day, I say why not satiate his every whim and fantasy even if it's not your average sex move. He's earned it and more importantly, he'll love it! Now, I agree that any time a woman moves towards her man's business, he most assuredly gets all whacky with anticipation! Make these exciting moments last by sitting next to him on the bed and cupping his cock in your hand.

Next, lean down, lightly blowing on the exposed parts of his manhood. The trick here is that you want to blow into the tunnel that you've created with your hand. The warmth of your breath will graze his dick, heating it to unmanageable heights.

And how may this benefit you directly, you may ask? Just think of the all-night lovemaking session at your fingertips should you arouse your man to such degrees but not necessarily allow him to reap the full pleasure of said fancy trick. How you finish him off is at your discretion. I fully recommend pushing him down on the bed and climbing on top of him, then sliding back and forth, rubbing and rocking yourself to ecstasy before allowing him to fully experience the pinnacle moment.

Once the two of you have recovered from all that hot action and are ready to engage Round Two of fun-loving frolicking it's definitely time to introduce food into the dynamic!

Inform your beau-hunk that you wish to cook dinner together and then surprise him by walking into the kitchen donning nothing but an apron, panties and high-heels. Be irreverent, fearless, and provocative in your dish selections to further drive home the idea that you're ripe for hot, steamy sex. Hide a little homemade book of "love coupons" in your apron pocket and whip them out while preparing your feast to spice up the wait time for oven entrees.

What do you mean that's not good enough for you vixens? You still want more suggestions? Lucky you to have a man who's able to keep up with your shameless sex drive! 😉 Okay fine, here's one more helpful recommendation, show-offs.

One surefire way to get his attention after dinner is to briefly retreat to the bedroom and return to the table with two of his favorite business ties. Dangle them provocatively in front of your body, stretching and petting them and then secure his arms behind his back with the first tie. Allow him to watch you undress down to your bra and panties tableside incorporating dessert into your sexy performance. Just as his arousal peaks to an unmanageable level secure the second tie around his eyes. Spend the next fifteen minutes sitting in his lap taunting him by slowly grazing his body with your breasts, nuzzling his neck and stroking his muscles through his clothing. Release his hands when you are ready to be adored and devoured!

As much as I would love to be able to lay claim to all of these helpful suggestions sure to result in hot lovemaking, Cosmopolitan magazine also offered up a collection of tips from which I drew mind-blowing inspiration. You can find their full article at:

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you find yourself longing to go there and read the entire low-down on what I've briefly mentioned. Extensive research is the first step to all-night sensational sex!

Should you find yourself yearning to read even spicier lovemaking and dating tips please visit my website at You can also check out my favorite sassy, saucy chef in her latest book Callie Mallory Chicago Adventure @ Noble Romance: ( when additional hot and sexy physical tips are desired.

Happy Valentines' Day, everybody! Here's to all of us getting steamy, hot and sweaty sex as often as we like over the next four days!

Hugs and kisses,
Natalie Baum

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