“Yeah, yeah, don’t get your panties in a twist.” She yanked open her wallet, extricated her license and handed it over with a slight huff.

Douglas sat her untouched beer out of reach on the back counter and really focused on her little plastic card.

He studied it for a second then looked back up at her in surprise. “Hey, it’s your birthday? Shit. You should have a cake and balloons and all that. How old are you?” He put his head back down to figure it out but she snatched it out of his hand before he could finish putting all the candles needed on her imaginary birthday cake.

“Thirty-nine with twelve years of added experience, thank you very much.” She wasn’texactly ashamed of her age. She tucked her ID back into her wallet.

“Huh, then that makes you…” He counted on his fingers, thenran his palm over his bald head. He finally stopped, stared right at her and leaned close—sending shards of pleasure straight to her pussy. “Perfect.”

Time stood still. She couldn’t glance away. Couldn’t make a glib comment and brush the tension away as if it were a crumb on a table.

When he looked into her eyes she felt seen for the first time in a long time. Maybe the first time ever, which made her breath catch in her throat.

A waitress slid a tray on the bar next to her, calling an order out to Douglas. “Boss, I need two Bud Lights, a glass of white zinfandel and a Screaming Orgasm.”

Laila blinked, staring over at the waitress who surveyed her tables on the other side of the dance floor. She was completely oblivious to the tension and Laila thanked her lucky stars. She took a drink of her beer, trying not to notice Douglas still hadn’t looked away from her.

He finally went about filling the drink orders and she sucked in a lungful of air.

Being beneath him—his gaze, she meant—his intense stare was enough to rattle anyone. She didn’t want to imagine being beneath him in any other way.

A thought of being on her stomach, him buried inside her, pushing in deep with a hand on her throat and his growl in her ear.

Her overactive imagination nearly had her sliding off her stool.

She crossed her thighs a bit tighter beneath her skirt, which sent a shot of pure lust straight to her clit.

He sat the beverages on the waitress’s tray.She lifted it high above her head, calling thanks over her shoulder.

“Would you like a Screaming Orgasm?” he asked and laughed when her eyes got big. “It’s a shot made with vodka, Baileys and Kahlua. I’ve heard it’s good. You should give it a try.”

“Don’t you know how it tastes?”

On her last word he looked at her mouth and ran his tongue along his bottom lip. “I’m quite familiar with that particular flavor.The ingredients not with-standing.”

He snared her with his pretty brown eyes and she was positive they weren’t talking about the drink any longer.

“So what brings you to our fine city of Arcadia? Work or pleasure?”

“Work,” she answered automatically though pleasure was coming in a close second.

“What do you do?” he asked as he filled more drink orders.

“I’m a columnist for a magazine.”

“What do you write?”

“Little of this, little of that.” She had no intention of telling him anything else about it so she changed the subject. “Do you own this place or do you just moonlight as a bartender to harass the customers?”

He laughed, not at all put off by her question. “I’m one of the owners. Me and a couple of friends bought it last year from some friends of mine. Twin brothers.”

“The twin brothers are your friends you bought this place with or from?”

He glanced up at her with what she thought was a gleam of admiration. “Chris and Jared are the twins we bought this place from. I’ve been friends with them for years.”

Laila surveyed the very busy bar. To say it was hopping couldn’t have been more of an understatement. “I’d say you were smart for buying or they were stupid to sell. You’ve got a very nice place here.” And she’d visited quite a few in her several years at her current job. Gums definitely did some flapping once they’d been loosened up with a fair bit of liquor.

When Douglas didn’t offer anymore information she pried a bit farther. “So why did they sell? Was this place bombing out before and you came in and saved it?”

He shook his head. “No, it was doing great when they sold it. They have another business and a new woman they wanted to focus on. Can’t say that we blamed them, and it worked out perfect for us. The three of us retired early from the same financial analyst firm and wanted to go into something together.”


Not women, butwoman.

She couldn’t get her head around the lack of a plural there so she tried to focus on something less prone to make her hump her barstool. “And who do you own this place with? Silent partners?”

“Nah, we’re all pretty hands-on.” He raised an eye brow at her and chuckled when her mouth popped open.

She took another sip of her beer, trying to cool off.


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