Laila’s Lies!!! Out now!

Book 7 in the Members Only Series by Jennifer Kacey

Lailas Lies

Members Only, Book Seven(and no book six isn’t out yet – seriously epic fail that they’re publishing out of order but it couldn’t be helped unfortunately)

Laila Harris was a fake, a phony, a fraud.

Being sent to dig up proof The Library was actually a private BDSM club was her ticket to a promotion. Simple.Easy. But it wasn’t.

Not when she would have to betray the three men who captured her heart from the very first heated stare. Not when she would have to turn her back on the women who saw who she’d kept hidden from everyone. A submissive.

Choosing between her past and future will rock the foundation of everything she holds true. Until she understands the power she holds when she’s on her knees.

A Romantica® ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Excerpt –

A low rumble echoed in his chest and his hand tightened on her hip.

An answering whimper slipped past her lips and she froze, backing up enough to look into his face.She licked her lips and stared at his mouth, right at her eye level.

“Intoxicating is quite right,” he said as he smoothed the hair in her ponytail, the backs of his knuckles brushed the tip of her breast as he released her hair.

She should be outraged, disgusted at his brazen gesture in the middle of his dimly lit bar.But it was sexy.And hot.And delicious.And she wanted more of it.

His palm found her cheek and he leaned in, brushing his lips against hers. Her intake of breath startled her, so she latched onto his biceps to regain her balance.

The world still tilted as he laid his mouth on hers. He kissed her with a passion she’d only read about, slipping his tongue past her lips to taste her.

She moaned and then he leaned away.

Laila blinked several times, trying to focus and realized someone was speaking next to them. “May I cut in?”

At first she thought it was Douglas but when she looked over she realized it was the other owner. The blond one. “Patrick?” she said out loud, not really meaning to.

“I see your reputation precedes you, my friend,” Hector kidded. “’Til we meet again, my lovely Laila.” He kissed her cheek and then stepped away.

Before she could even process what the hell happened, Patrick had stepped in front of her and taken her into his arms.


“No buts.”

She was a well-educated woman. She was. Really. She had a degree in marketing and a master’s degree in journalism. But around these men and the women at the table looking dreamily at her, her brain turned to putty.

Instead of fighting it and her attraction to a third man in one evening, she just went with it. She pressed her cheek on his chest.He pulled her in close to his body, snuggling with her even though they were both vertical. His warm hand cupped the back of her neck, kneading tense muscles she didn’t even know she had.

The song bled into another one and he held her close through the whole song. His cologne made her pussy even wetter and she brushed her cheek against the logo on his T-shirt.

She’d just met these men, had hardly spoken to them, but she felt some kind of connection she couldn’t understand.

When the song changed to an upbeat tempo he stopped moving, firmly grabbing her ponytail at the back of her head and slowly tipped her head up to look at him.

Her knees were weak, her fingers flexed against his back, scraping her nails against the soft fabric of his shirt. His nostrils flared when her eyes finally met his and her mouth opened. Not to tell him to stop and not to give him permission to kiss her because he already held the reins on her desire.

“Please…”slipped out into the space of the few inches that separated them.

“Fuck yeah,” passed his lips before he took her mouth. He nipped her bottom lip, making her jump, then tucked her pelvis closer to his so she could feel exactly how excited he was to make her acquaintance.

Yep, that was about all she could take without coming on his leg. She reared back, licking her bottom lip, knowing exactly where he’d nipped her because it was faintly raised, probably enough to leave a mark the next day.

Instead of pouncing on him right there in the middle of his bar she took a step back and blushed. “Thank you, for the dance and the uhh…welcome?” Her cheeks grew warmer and she actually laid her palms against them and looked around for the first time since Patrick had stepped in. No one seemed to be paying them any mind but to her everyone stared right at her.

“I have to go. Thanks.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” he called to her back.

She ran back to the booth. Seriously, she left skid marks on the floor they were going to have to buff out. She grabbed her purse and gave a perfunctory good night to the girls, who were all smiling.

She took her keys and phone out of her purse as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

On the way to the door she saw a text from her boss.“Anything yet?”

Her fingers hovered over the keys.

I need that promotion.

I don’t owe the people of this town anything.

They don’t know me.

“Nothing yet.” Her answer surprised her.

The card in her purse nearly burned her when she slipped her phone back inside the middle section.

Someone’s eyes were on her. She could feel them as she made her way to the door. Before she pushed it open, unable to stop herself, she turned back.

Douglas’ gaze snagged hers immediately. He was still behind the bar but he was breathing heavy.Something primal and dark and delicious passedover his face. The onceover he gave her made her feel naked and vulnerable and so damn sexy.

Could they be the men at The Library?

She shook her head, trying desperately to clear it as she pushed out the door.

All she wanted to do was turn around and run to them, offer herself to them. As in down on her knees for anything they wanted to do with her, to her.

How sick did that make her?

Sex was one thing.

A one night stand sounded even better.

No entanglements.

No room for heartache or jealousy.

She walked quickly to her car and got in, locking the doors behind her.

Her head hit the headrest before her purse had even settled on the passenger seat.

Three rough and rugged faces swam in her head.

Did they each know the other two were flirting with her, kissing her?

Surely they had to know.

She blew out a frustrated breath, starting the car, putting it in gear. She had a lot of thinking to do.



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