Have a favorite rose? With spring in the air, it’s time to start thinking about planting that garden. And wouldn’t you just love to have the prettiest rose arbor in the neighborhood this summer? While doing research for my latest book, Lasting Love, I learned about a hybrid tea rose I never knew about.


The LASTING LOVE is an unusual rose that shimmers like a citrine jewel. It’s a brand new hybrid tea rose with old fashioned vintage appeal. With its unique blend of dusky red and hint of plum sprouting from glossy green foliage, this gorgeous rose looks artificial. But the minute you get within ten feet of this tea rose, its timeless essence  wafts through the air, making it a must have for your garden!



Ø     Blooms will reach 4-6 inches across and repeat year round

Ø     Hearty and easy to care for

Ø     Disease resistant

Ø     More vigorous than other red tea roses

Ø     Perfect form and high-pointed center

Ø     Major attraction to gardens and arbors

Ø     Hearty rose reaching 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide

Ø     Grows well in climates ranging from North to South



Ø     Plant in early spring

Ø     Plant 4 feet apart in well drained soil

Ø     Prefers full sun

Ø     Fertilize with Rose Tone until September


Would you like to win a gorgeous Lasting Love rosebush for your garden? Leave a comment telling me why roses get you all sentimental. I’ll draw a winner at random tonight at midnight. Good luck! Oh, BTW, the reason roses get me all sentimental is because they are timeless and forever. They never go out of style and receiving a big ol’ bouquet always makes me smile!


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