Not one to shy away from a challenge, Samantha began her career life in the world of television.  Who doesn’t love getting lost in the eyes of a handsome leading man?  Who doesn’t want to be that beautiful *cough* airbrushed *cough cough* woman who lights up the screen?

Well, Samantha loved to take pictures – but soon discovered that taking them wasn’t enough.  She needed to write something to go with it – and so began the life of a writer.  Now with her adoring poolboy Harrison, with his magic fingers and broad physique, she writes during the day while being taken care of inside and out.

Oh, sorry, Samantha – I too became lost in your fantasy.  Truth be told, she is an amazing writer with many books under her belt – but Harrison is just one of the many leading men created by an author’s fingers on a magic keyboard.

Welcome, Samantha!  Now step up and tell us about yourself!  We’re all waiting to hear.

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