Jesse Fox has a passion for mythology that was born when she was in junior high school. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks at the edge of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, she dreamt of being a comic artist. Unable to go to college due to financial reasons, Ms. Fox moved to St. Louis at the age of eighteen. After holding many jobs over the last 22 years, she is currently managing rental property and perfecting her skills as a writer.

This is a beautiful story filled with romance, mystery, and mythology. The descriptions used seduced my imagination and charmed my heart. The passions and emotions mix well with the touches of humor. The gods and goddesses were delightful in this new twist on the legends. The sex was limited and I thought that really helped the couple to progress toward a true relationship. Eric and Ryan’s connection is a celebration of love and Ms. Fox allows the reader to enjoy these men. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romantic adventure.

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