Learning patience will help you obtain what you want from life.

Book–Learning to Love by Fiona McGier

Coming out May 26, 2023

As an author who has been published since 2009, I’ve been patiently waiting for a long time for my muse to give me a science-fiction romance. That’s my first choice in what I love to read. But my muse has always had her own ideas of plots and characters to keep me busy. I’ve written contemporary romances, paranormal romances, and even a family saga involving multiple generations of people seeking their HEAs. Now I hope this is only the first book about what happens to humans who decide to leave their home planet for the chance to create new lives on new planets.

Learning to Love has characters who need to learn patience in order to get what they desire from life. Elena is a high school English teacher on Earth who has recently been left alone. Her mother died from the ubiquitous skin cancer that plagues all who yearned to feel the sun on their skin. Elena has no other family. So, when a rich and powerful man woos her, promising to take care of her, he wears her resistance down and she marries him—only to discover she’ll be sharing him with his two other wives. When that situation quickly becomes unbearable, she must patiently save what she can, and plan her get-away. There’s no place on Earth where he won’t be able to find her. But there are starships leaving the planet regularly, to allow humanity to spread into the universe. There are strict rules about young, presumably fertile women, not being allowed to leave unless they’re a part of a family. But once she has saved enough money, she pays with cash and bribery, to escape to Mesa Verde, one of the first planets colonized, and one that usually doesn’t accept anyone without extensive vetting. But they need an English teacher, and Elena needs to escape.

Dakota was a senior in the school on Mesa Verde the day the principal brought a young woman into his classroom to announce she’d be their new English teacher. All the oxygen left the room, and he knew that not only would she be the star in all his future fantasies, but he’d do anything to convince her that they belonged together. But even years after he graduates into full adulthood, she ignores his overtures. He also must learn patience.

Will Dakota be successful in getting Elena to notice him as a man, equal to her in everything but the paltry few years difference between them? Will Elena finally admit to herself how she feels about him? And once they do, will they get a HEA? Or does the universe have other challenges in store for them before they can both get what they want from life?

This book will be available on Friday, May 26th from my publisher at:


Soon after that, it will be on all the usual sellers’ websites, including Smashwords, where I have an author page and many books self-published.


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