Legends of the Tears
Tears of the Wolf Book 2

What does he have to do to convince her?

Alicia loves working with gems but she’s not so great with people. When Maximilian requests her help to search for the Tears of the Queen, she wants to say no. Those precious stones are nothing more than a legend and she doesn’t want to go on a wild goose chase.

Max needs Alicia’s help and time is of the essence. He isn’t the only one looking for the Tears and if they fall into the wrong hands, humanity could be enslaved.

Their first meeting is like mixing oil with water. They are strong, opinionated, driven and they both think they are right. The chemistry is instantaneous, a surprise to them both, and they discover that work might not be the only thing they have in common. The only problem is Max has a very big secret that he doesn’t want to share…

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Bethany Drake

Bethany Drake is a graduate of UNCC and a big fan of the 49ers – the UNCC 49ers. She is the owner of several cats and she tells people it’s her crazy cat lady starter kit. She lives in her own little world, creating new worlds for her characters.

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