I have to admit my weakness is shoes, Well those and books. So to start this interview off.
Tell us about your favorite shoes!
All of them - hahaha! I love shoes. I bought a very 
cool looking pair of ankle-strap wedges this summer. They have a blue 
plaid sort of pattern. I've only gotten to wear them once, though, 
because I had abdominal surgery and I won't be steady enough for 
really high heels for a while. I also have an old pair of black suede 
shoes with kitten heels that tie across the instep. They look very 
1920's and I love them.
Ok we will get along just fine, A woman after my own heart!
Lynn can you please tell us a little bit about you and your writing?
I've been a writer for as long as I can remember, working as a 
journalist and a publicist before deciding to pursue writing fiction. 
I live in Green Acres with my family - my tall, dark and handsome 
hubby; my son, who plans to become an astronomer or else a one-man 
version of Coldplay, which ever requires less homework; and Tiger, 
the lethargic wonder cat. Besides Thirty-Nine Again, I've written and 
published numerous poems and short stories, as well as two other 
novels which have yet to see the light of day. I tend to focus on 
stories that have a mystery or suspense element, but I'm also a great 
lover of science fiction and fantasy. Currently, I'm taking the 
summer off and planning to start work on a new novel in the fall.

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