Want to let it go? Find ice, magic, and romance in Frozen, 11 all-new short stories to inspire holiday romance!

All new stories by Charmaine Pauls, Valerie J. Clarizio, April Marcom, Nancy Pennick, Christina Kirby, Rhonda Brutt, Nicole Angeleen, Tara Fox Hall, Elena Kane, Marilyn Gardiner, and Bess Kingsley

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 Blurb from my short story, “Her Frozen Heart”: 

Alaric has always loved the winter season, second only to his love of spells and sorcery. When his beautiful neighbor Cassandra reveals she’s a natural witch, he’s instantly smitten, even as he despairs of attracting her interest. Is there hope for a magical couple who thrive in different seasons?

Excerpt: Cass seemed not to see him. “Cold is death,” she murmured.

Alaric grabbed his wine from the table, then went to her, crouching on the floor. “What is it?” he asked gently.

She looked up at him with an expression of despair. “Don’t mind me. It’s just the season. Winter gets to me, Alaric.”

“I thought I told you to call me Ric,” he said, his hand closing over hers, his thumb gently rubbing her upper wrist. “And it will be over soon. It’s already close to Valentine’s Day.”

“You sound sad about that,” she whispered.

I’m not…for the first time I’m looking forward to it. “You should be happy about that,” Alaric consoled. “You can stop spending so much effort to keep your flowers alive.” He kissed the back of her hand gently. “You never told me really how that poppy got so far from your house, Cass.”

“A bird,” she said, rubbing her eyes. “I dropped one of the seeds I’d enchanted, and he flew off with it and ate it.” She looked up at him with sad eyes. “You were trying to kill it with the snow when you buried it, weren’t you?”

Uh oh. Say something, anything. “I was trying to make it go dormant,” Alaric said hastily.

“Winter is death,” Cass stated solemnly.

“Winter isn’t death,” Alaric corrected gently. “It’s dormancy. A season to rest and recoup from all the activity. A time to relax and nurture the soul with inspiration.”

His words stirred Cass from her silent state. “For most plants, winter is the end. Sure there are seeds for new plants, but the plant itself dies.” She paused. “My life will shut very beautifully, suddenly, as when the heart of this flower imagines the snow carefully everywhere descending.”

“E.E. Cummings’ poem called Somewhere I Have Never Traveled,” Alaric said, casting his mind back in an effort to recall a line from the poem that would be of some comfort to Cass. “You open petal by petal, as the Spring opens her first rose. That’s encouraging. And I think he wrote many other poems that spoke of the beauty of green growing plants.”

“The plants make me feel like I’m alive,” Cass said with a weak smile, suddenly looking up at Alaric. “It just comes at such a cost.”

There was never going to be a better time. “Sustaining all the spells that make your porch flowers possible must take tremendous power and concentration,” Alaric said. “Why aren’t the ones inside enough for you, Cass?”

She was silent. 

“I’m only asking because I’m worried about you,” he continued. “I want to help if I can.”

Cass’s lips trembled, her eyes already filling rapidly. “I need something to welcome me home,” she whispered.

Alaric went to her, putting his arms around her. Cass learned into him gratefully with a sigh.

“Who died?” he whispered. “Please tell me what happened that made you so afraid—”

“I should go,” Cass said abruptly, breaking free of Alaric’s arms. She darted from the room.

Alaric went after her. “Wait, Cass—”

She already had her coat half on and her boots. “I shouldn’t have come. I’m sorry, Alaric.”

“Don’t go,” he said, taking her by the shoulders. “Please, Cass. I want to be there for you. I—”

“No,” she said bitterly. She pulled back to look at him, her expression hurt and angry. “You know, I hate winter for the same reason I can’t trust men. Because you’re final. Because you die.”

She ran out of the house into the snow, ignoring his calls to return. By the time Alaric had on his gear to follow her, she was gone.

* * * *

“So her husband died?” Alexander said, looking at Alaric over their glasses of whiskey.

“I think so,” Alaric said glumly, wondering if asking Alexander over to get his advice had been a wise choice after all. “She didn’t say it straight out.”

“She’s locked herself in summer, surrounded by light, but her heart and soul are frozen. It’s just with fear instead of frost.”

“Very poetic, Alexander,” Alaric said sarcastically. “But what can I do to help her? It’s clear she needs my help.”

“Show her there’s nothing to be afraid of. That she won’t die, and neither will you,” Alexander offered. “Show her that there’s beauty in winter as well as summer. That it’s more than the season of death.” He drank the rest of his whiskey, then poured himself another. “I’m sorry I’m not more help, Ric, really. But I tend to stick to the ladies who want my company, and only need a little persuasion—”

Alaric didn’t answer, lost in thought. Show her the beauty of winter. But how?

Complete list of all author blurbs

The Ice Hotel Wedding Test by Charmaine Pauls 
Jess and Derrick have been together for twelve years. When Jess finally gives Derrick an ultimatum, tie the knot or set her free, he proposes a bizarre test to decide their destiny. 

Love Thaws a Frozen Heart by Valerie J. Clarizio 
Casey is hell bent on getting Noah to sign divorce papers. Hiding out at his camp, Noah is hell bent on not signing. Procuring a snowmobile, Casey sets out in a blinding snowstorm to find him. After crashing, she is near death when Noah finds her. Will a few cabin-bound days cause either of them to change their mind? 

Lord of Ice by April Marcom 
Jack Frost gave his heart to Lilly the day she was born, making her the perfect leverage for a fire spirit whose heart is set on becoming Lord of Ice. 

Frozen Moments by Nancy Pennick (‘A Waiting For Dusk’ story) 
Drew keeps proposing. Kate keeps saying no. It’s their little game. Can the holiday season change that? Kate has lost her best friend, and Drew does his best to cheer her up in this delightful story of love and memories. 

Frozen In Time by Christina Kirby 
Lizbeth travels the world as a freelance photographer and answers to no one. After her last relationship, that’s exactly how she wants her life to be, easy and all her own. Jonas is staying at his family’s cabin while he deals with the loss of a fellow fallen solider. He wants nothing more than to be left alone and to avoid Christmas. Neither plan on spending Christmas with a stranger or finding the person who’s exactly what each other needs. 

Frozen With Possibilities by Rhonda Brutt 
A resort on the shores of Lake Superior in the middle of December was not exactly what Tiffany had in mind for a mid-winter vacation. But when she agreed to accompany her progressive grandmother on this frozen trip, she discovered that life is filled with possibilities, if you only go after them. 

Frozen Heart Thawing by Nicole Angeleen 
In the depths of winter, Thomas Everett grudgingly meets his betrothed, Nila Sarvani, the daughter of a powerful sheikh. The passion they share takes them both by surprise, but the ruthlessness of American business threatens to tear them apart. Nila must decide if her dreams can be realized if she allows herself to fall in love. 

Frozen Dreams by Elena Kane 
In a world surrounded by snow and magic, Cara finds herself grossly out of place. Ridiculed by all, she lives her life in terror from perpetual bullies until she runs into a stranger in town. Ben is everything she always wanted, but never expected. Better yet, he sees past her differences. Could Ben be her dream come true? 

Her Frozen Heart by Tara Fox Hall 
Alaric has always loved the winter season, second only to his love of spells and sorcery. When his beautiful neighbor Cassandra reveals she’s a natural witch, he’s instantly smitten, even as he despairs of attracting her interest. Is there hope for a magical couple who thrive in different seasons? 

The Thawing of Holly’s Heart by Marilyn Gardiner 
What happens when a single mother meets an old friend and, despite the conviction that she will never again open her heart to another man, finds herself falling in love? 

Falling On Ice by Bess Kingsley 
After the horrible year ice sculptor Sam McLeod has had, falling off a ladder at Nationals into the arms of her nemesis is the absolute last thing she needs. Or is it? 


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