Hi all. Its me Shari. Don’t you just love sexual tension? Isn’t that why we shiftertrials-evernightpublishing-2016-smallpreviewread romance?  In my last post, Hayden won a kiss from Talia, but refused to claim it.  In my novella Shifter Trials,  our hero is determined to make her wait for it.  Lets watch.

In this scene, Talia stumbles into Hayden while his is training  vampire children, some of whom have significant physical challenges.

“You were like him as a child.” Her heart clenched in compassion.

“My mother never let me give in to my differences. She taught me that while we may be denied certain choices in life, we should make the most of those we had.” His lips were now so close to hers, she could almost feel them, so she leaned in.

“No kiss,” he said against her lips, their softness a torment to her overheating flesh. “Not yet.”

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For a $5.00 amazon gift card to one commenter, tell me what scene from any book or movie does the best sexual tension?  Here’s mine–Nick and Nora Charles in the Thin Man, the whole movie. Their banter is phenomenal.


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