I’ve been thrown another victim to my blog. I am happy to welcome Sloane Taylor, author of TEDDI TURNS ON from Triskelion. It’s the first in The Magnificent Men of Munich series. The second, LONNIE HEATS UP, is with her editor now. FRANCINE ON FIRE is the third and due to Triskelion in December. ISABELLA IGNITES, the last book, will be out in March 2007.

She also tells me that she’s a natural blonde who wears a size three and can eat anything she wants without gaining a pound. Anyone else out there wanting to play the violin and cry her a river?

Then I realized she was teasing me and I had to give the old brain a shake. Sometimes it sleeps while I’m still awake and things don’t go in like they should. Or they go in and find the best escape so they don’t have to hang around with all the cobwebs.

That being said, let’s be nice to Sloane because the only person around here allowed to cause trouble is me! So tell us something about yourself, Sloane. Something REAL, something we can all say “Right on!” instead of wanting to sit on you and force feed you cheesecake.

Let’s get blogging!

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