The unconventional Miss Millie Ashton, recently arrived from India, finds England a cold and dismal place. The fashionable ladies of London society look down their noses at her and it isn’t long before Millie is planning her return to the country she considers home.

When Millie befriends the high-spirited Lucy Radley, she also meets Lucy’s handsome brother, ‘Alex the Great’ and things take a turn for the better. Alex, the Marquess of Brooke, is considered the most eligible bachelor in London, yet he appears fascinated by the independent Millie.

Against the odds, their unlikely friendship deepens. But Alex has a secret and when a love letter goes astray, it threatens to destroy all their happiness…

Can Millie and Alex overcome the obstacles in their path to find true love? Or will one miscommunication ruin everything?


A movement to his left caught the corner of his eye. He turned and stopped dead in his tracks. There in the middle of the ballroom was the curvaceous and utterly luscious Miss Millie Ashton, eyes closed, swaying in time with the music. Even though she had her back to him, he felt an instant response to her presence. He licked his lips and swallowed deeply.
What is it that you do to me?
He stood transfixed for a moment, watching her hips as they moved. She was the most sensual creature he had ever seen. Totally uninhibited and lost in the music, she was so unlike any other girl he had ever met. She danced purely for the joy of it.
She laughed and he felt his heart take flight and soar. Was this love? Whatever it was, he had never felt such a strong attraction to another human being in his life. If she was a siren come to lure him to his fate, then he stood ready to throw himself overboard at her command.
A hundred mothers with their doe-eyed daughters in tow found a way to fortuitously cross his path every week. And it was the same surprised squeal of delight that they gave every time. How wonderful it was to make his acquaintance, and how much they looked forward to meeting him at whatever social gathering they intended to waylay him at, thus allowing him to see how delightful Prudence or Primrose was. He was always polite when he met the mothers, reserving the gentle crushing of hope for those private moments at the end of the dance for the hopeful young misses.
Compared to the other girls who were constantly thrown in his path, Millie was a true revelation, a balm for his jaded soul. As the music continued, a strong desire to reach out and touch her nearly overwhelmed him. His breath came in short gasps as he watched her body swaying to and fro. He craved nothing more than to be able to walk up to her, place his arms around her waist and sway along with the music, just holding her.
When she opened her eyes and turned towards him, the unbridled happiness he felt told him this girl affected him on much more than just a primal level. The sense of her essence went all the way to his heart. He smiled and gave her a small wave in greeting.
Her eyes locked upon his face and as they found focus, her smile disappeared and she let out a horrified squeal. Her cheeks turned bright red and her dancing came to a sudden halt. Alex felt his heart sink; he had frightened the beautiful wild bird and her colourful display was over. ‘Oh, how embarrassing,’ she whispered. ‘I had no idea you were standing there. You must think me a complete fool.’
He strode across the floor and as he reached her, he stopped and gave her a bow. She might not dance like that again in public for fear of ridicule, but one day he would ask her to show him all her rich plumage, a private display just for him.

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