So this is my day to blog at Coffee Thoughts. Yay! Can I admit I’m a little nervous? Not sure why. Maybe because I’m hopeless at this sort of thing. Maybe because it’s 11pm in the Land Down Under, I’ve just finished celebrating my husband’s birthday (it was today), I’ve just emptied my fourth glass of champagne and am having difficulties making my fingers do what I want them to do (I’m strictly a one glass only kinda girl, so you can probably imagine what I’m like after four!). But nervous is a good thing sometimes, so let’s begin with the silliness, yes?

First things first. Who am I?

I’ve been writing forever. When I was twelve I wanted to be the next Stephen King. When I was fourteen I wanted to be the next Barbara Cartland. When I was thirty I discovered erotic romance and Lexxie Couper was born. I’m a proud Aussie, a proud wife, a proud dog owner and a very proud mum. My two girls (affectionately called Peanut and Chickpea) are my world. Until I sit down at my laptop. Then my worlds are dark, dangerous places with lots of sex and brooding heroes (not really the right kind of place for two little girls *grin*)

Anyways, tonight, sorry, today I’m going to share an excerpt or two from my latest print release, Savage Retribution, probably babble on too much about Hugh Jackman, David Tennant or Colin Firth (who looks just like my husband *sigh*) and wish I’d stopped with the champagne at my first glass (I can sense a headache coming on and already seem to be babbling)

So that’s me (not at my best I must admit, but me all the same). Anyone want to play and share a cuppa?

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