I just wrote and submitted an article for a magazine.  One of the hardest things for me to do is talk about myself.  It’s a lot easier to crawl into the two worlds I write in and stay, like opening a book and becoming another person, seeing, doing exciting, fun things.

The article deals with the hurts in life and channeling all the pain, hurt, anger into something positive.  For me, that was a burning desire to succeed in life. 

In high school someone wrote under my picture, ‘Life Is What You Make It.”  I believe that.  Either the cup is half full or half empty.  What is your attitude about life?  Your perspective on life?

God loves us unconditionally, warts and all.  Now, if we could just learn to love ouselves unconditionally, warts and all.  That’s hard for a lot of us, something that sometimes takes a lifetime of hard work to achieve.

If you love romantic comedy, do I have a book for you.  HIS FARM, HER CIRCUS.  Now this book will lift your spirits.  It received rave, must read reviews, and is available at Triskelion under Judith Gilbert.  Grab it today!



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