Diane Wylie gets the inspiration for writing romance from her husband. She has been happily married to Ed for 28 years. They have two children and one son in law. At first, Diane wanted to be a veterinarian then turned to technical writing, followed by romance writing. She has two sisters, one of which is a twin. During her time spent writing, Diane has been quite busy. In addition to being a technical writer, and romance writer, she has taught high school science, worked as a cancer research assistant and even a veterinarian assistant. She has been busy but still finds the time to create fascinating stories revolving around the Civil War Period that hits a high note on the heart.

Diane Wylie describes an outstanding tale that has the reader feeling compassion for the characters. With the sudden destruction of lives and homes, along with the smell of blood, in the air, during the devastating war, she depicts an era that breathes life in the pages. One can feel the trepidation and sorrow, even when the soldiers storm into the people’s homes. Lila’s Vow is a story that moved me with its emotions and in-depth sensations. When I read about Jack and the Andersonville Prison, it reminded me of the time I visited, and practically could get a feel for those who had been slain there. This is one extraordinary story that comes highly recommended and should not be missed.

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