sinners20 (2) copy (2)Sinners’ Opera, the book of my heart, was the first one I wrote, and it was years in the making and editing from over 1,000 pages to 171 published in 2013 by Double Dragon Publishing, a Canadian publisher. My editor at DDP asked for a sequel, and Sinners’ Obsession is now in the editing phase. I had already begun a prequel, Sinners’ Waltz. In that long ago beginning, I didn’t anticipate writing a series, but I seem to have done so! So, I needed a name for the series and, very originally, I have called the Morgan trilogy, Obsession series.

Morgan D’Arcy, the hero, is an English lord, a classical pianist and … a vampire.   Sinners’ Opera is Isabeau’s and Morgan’s story. You can view the book video on YouTube at:

The music is beautiful, and author Noelle Adams did a splendid job with production of the video.

Then came Cardinal Desires, which was written in response to a contest sponsored by the Georgia Romance Writers. A friend goaded me into entering. The Magnolia Award is well-known by editors, agents and writers. Morgan started out as the hero in Cardinal.   Much to my surprise, I won the Maggie in Mainstream. But when Berkley called, said they didn’t publish vampires (now they do!) and asked if I had anything else, this wet-behind-the-ears newbie said, “No,” instead of what are you looking for! With the Maggie generating interest, I came up against a huge barrier. Morgan couldn’t love two women at the same time, so I needed a new hero, and Sterling Fox was born. He’s quite yummy, too. The heroine is a forensic psychiatrist racing to capture a serial killer terrorizing London. The hero is an ancient vampire hunting the same savage slayer.

My first published novel, Gemini Rising, wasn’t part of the Obsession series. I never expected it to be published because of the sensitive nature of the subject. However, two weeks after I submitted GR to DDP, I had an offer of a contract. Gemini Rising is a dark fantasy with deep psychological undertones.

20140222_092650I am a mother, a writer and a lover of horses. I spent many years in the show arena. My Andalusian stallion Bonito was twice national champion at halter. Our breeding operation was Camelot Act II in Anderson, South Carolina. After the death of two of my horses, I sold the farm and moved to Miami, but Bonito, of course (he was my soul mate) went with me. I’ve lived in Canada and England, and now reside in the big State of Texas. My favorite things are my two sons, horses, piano and gorgeous men with long blond hair.   The latter is quite a rarity.

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