We’ve had a couple Guilty Pleasures posted. So, feel free to go to the post below and share yours or your 1st experience with romance…And now…Look it Happened Again…

The economy is in a downward spiral and no one is exempt. Companies are closing their doors all over and authors are feeling the crunch as more and more small presses fold to the bigger guys.

I’ll have to add my name to the roster of authors who’ve lost a publishing home for their creations. Two of my publishers, By Grace Publishing and their sister imprint, Moonlit Romance, will close their doors come December 31st. That means I’ll have four orphans on my hands looking for a new home.

When I heard this news a couple months ago, I was stunned, maybe thrown a little bit off balance, but not completely crushed. I understand the reason our owner and publisher made this decision and I wish her well. In the New Year, I’ll get paid whatever I’ve earned and have the rights to these stories returned to me. It’s all good.

I’ve had other author friends surprised by my positive reaction. In truth, I wouldn’t call myself a glass-is-half-full kind of person. I’m a realist and actually looking forward to sprucing up these titles and shopping them around until I find them a suitable new showcase. I’m sure another reason I’m not devastated is that I have several other books and short stories with another publisher with a couple more to come out next year. It helps not to have placed all my eggs in the same basket.

By Grace Publishing is the place I got my start in the publishing game. They gave me a chance and from that first book I’ve been able to launch a career. I’m thankful for their faith in me and the experience I gained with them. One of the books that will be going out of print at the end of the year is my very first published book, The Spirit of Christmas. I absolutely love this book, and I even read it myself every Christmas. Of course, I’m not biased or anything. 😉 Even the reviewer, Krista, here at Coffee Time Romance loved it. Here’s what she had to say:

“This story gets 4 cups because it enthralls you to the end. The characters in this story are very believable for the simple fact that many people have lost their Christmas spirit. The Nick Pringles of this world still cling to the joy Christmas can bring. Ms. Green is a fabulous writer who can write a heartfelt story. She takes you on an emotion filled ride of ups and downs, yet through it all there is hope. Her way with words leaves you wanting more and fulfills. The little tricks Kathryn came up with to try to figure out who her Secret Santa is had me laughing. I laughed often during the book because the friendship that Kathryn and Nick share is really wonderful. The feelings that Kathryn and Nick have came across as very genuine. This book could be read any time, but it is a good Christmas story to remind you to enjoy giving.”

I still get chills reading that review. And it is reading things like this which bolsters my spirit to keep writing, to keep surging forward and to never give up on the dream. I know there are many authors out there who have also lost homes for their books. Never give up. You worked so hard to get where you are today. Persevere and you will see your words available to the eager readers out there. So keep writing. Your next one just might be that New York Times Best Seller.

If you would like to read an excerpt from The Spirit of Christmas or any of my other soon to be homeless books, please stop by my WEBSITE.

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