I can’t believe I’ve only been published with Triskelion a little over a year.  Yes, the date I signed my two book contract for my romances under Judith Gilbert, THE MISTLETOE AFFAIR and HIS FARM, HER CIRCUS was September 7, 2005. 

Who would have thought a story idea born from two friends of mine who went through very dangerous divorces and my channeling that anger into a poignant story about a woman’s ultimate revenge on her evil, two-timing ex-husband, and finding love when she least expects it would be coming in paperback this December?  Not me.  But, according to Amazon.com and Borders, it really is happening.  Yea!  I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands and give an autographed copy to my mother.

Who would have thought readers and reviewers would fall in love with the characters, a lot of them from real life, in my romantic comedy HIS FARM, HER CIRCUS?  Not me, but I’m proud this matchmaking romance, which takes place in Ocala, Florida, the Thoroughbred Horse Capital of the World found a place in readers’ hearts. 

Who would have thought Triskelion would have let me do something the other publishers told me I could not do–genre hop?  February 2006 I signed a contract for an entirely different type book under J Gilbert, a paranormal vampire/witch story released in August.  I had a chance to try my hand at world building and showing a different type vampire, one who had evolved over the centuries, a world where both good and evil vampires exist. 

Help me celebrate the terrific reviews and BLOOD HUNT: THE LEGEND coming to paperback November of next year, 2007.  Visit either website: http://authorjudithgilbert.com  or http://authorjgilbert.com and double click on the Judith Gilbert or J Gilbert buttons beneath the door to enter that world.  Please go to my Contest page and enter my monthly Contest.  Good luck on the drawing, which will be held November 6.  You’ll find a monthly Contest page behind each door, so you have a TWO Contests I run for you each month. 

If you have any suggestions of prizes you’d like to see on my website, please drop me a line.

Judith Gilbert/J Gilbert

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