Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series is definitely unique. You have these men who aren’t really men and these curses that have been put upon them by past deeds. Because of an infamous box dubbed Pandora’s box in today’s society, these legendary men are cursed with the demons that were let out of the box. Each man or woman suffers unbelievably from the spirits trapped within their bodies.  While some of the curses may seem like less, they are just as tormented as others. For example, there is Paris who is the Keeper of Promiscuity. It sounds great but think about the fact that he has to sleep with a different person each night. Sounds great right? Well what happens when you find yourself having to go to vile lengths to keep up with the lust? Another is Torin, keeper of disease. Never to know what the feel of a soft touch is or to even lend a helping hand. Gena uses her unbelievable imagination to bring forth a whole series that has a mixture of mythology, legend, alpha males, strong women, and during a time when these men and women are being hunted. Hold onto your hats because once you start this series, you are not going to want to get off until the very end!

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