I live on a peninsula in the mid west coast of Florida with my husband, two cats, and AJ, my long haired Chihuahua.

I wrote my first story in the fourth grade in the form of a play which actually was produced by my teacher for parents and students. I continued writing and majored in English in College. I practice every day to improve craft.

An author of romantic suspense I love reading almost as much as writing. I have filled my book shelves with my favorites, i.e. Harlan Colban, Eliza March, Johanna Lindsey, Kathy Carmichael, Terri Garey, Karen Rose, Kathleen Woodiwiss, LuAnn Rice, and Bobbi Smith just to mention a few, as well as all the classics.

I love hearing from readers so please visit my website: www.loreleiconfer.com.

FUll cover for Deadly Revenge




Tory Richards returns to North Carolina to help her mother set up a B & B never expecting to stumble across several murder victims, fall in love, or get abducted by human traffickers.

Fortunately, when she’s run off the road on the way into town, Dave Miller, working undercover on the task force for human trafficking, comes to her aid. She blows off the near fatal accident as just that–an accident, but rethinks her position once events escalate.

Someone is trying to kill Tory. Failing that, she’s being set up as a suspect in four murders. As Dave falls more deeply for Tory, how will he tell her who he is and what he does? Will she ever trust him? Trust becomes a moot point when Tory is abducted and everything points to the group of human traffickers Dave’s had under surveillance. He calls in the entire task force, but will they reach Tory before she’s used as a sex slave?



A surprised-to-see-Dave Tory arrived at the doorway. “Tory, would you mind showing Dave some properties? He kind of liked the one bedroom with a loft but wants to look at some others as well. I need to go home and check on Amber. I can drop you both off at the properties and pick you up on the way back, if that’s okay with both of you.

Tory looked at Dave with apprehension. She didn’t want to be alone with him since he brought out emotions in her she wasn’t ready to explore. Her nipples hardened, and her heart thudded in her chest. Surely he can hear it. She was so attracted to him, she wanted to be close to him, to smell his masculine scent, hear his voice—imagining his whispering sweet nothings in her ear as he kissed her neck. She wanted to taste his kisses on her lips, and feel his strong arms around her.

But she didn’t have a choice. It was part of her job.

“Sure, that’s fine with me. I’ve shown lots of properties and would be glad to help,” she heard someone saying in her voice. “What about you, Dave? You okay with that?”

“It’s fine with me. You’ll tell me everything I want to know, right?” Dave said teasingly, with a smile and a wink of his eye.

“Of course!” she exclaimed.

Tory stopped at her desk to grab her bag and always-handy camera, and then led Dave outside to Trevor’s big SUV with Trevor right behind them.

They drove the short distance to the town house complex in silence. Trevor stopped in front of the buildings long enough for Tory and Dave to get out. He quickly handed over keys and rental information to Tory and left with a quick, “I’ll see you in a few.”

Tory snapped a picture of the well-manicured grounds which created attractive curb appeal. She found herself excited to see inside. They made their way into the first unit which was a one bedroom with a loft, a modern kitchen with granite countertops, island, and stainless steel appliances. The deck from the living/dining room overlooked a golf course and included a gas grill. The model unit was expertly furnished, so it was easy for her to point out the positives to Dave.


* * * *


Dave didn’t hear many of her words, so fascinated with the movement of her lips, thinking about how they would feel under his. Moist. Warm. Soft. His shaft became aroused and pressed against the zipper in his pants. He imagined what it would feel like to lay naked with her, throbbing for her, or to feel her nipples pucker and harden at his touch. How she would taste when he kissed her from head to toe. He could smell her soft, feminine scent.

Tory shocked him back to reality when she said his name.

“Well, Dave, what do you think?”

“I think,” he paused then slowly walked closer to her, “I want to kiss you. I’ve been thinking about it ever since we first met.” He reached for her arms at her sides.

“What, oh,” she stuttered as she turned away quickly, a bright pink blush spreading onto her neck and face. She ran her fingers through her hair and fiddled with the buttons on her blouse as she stared out the window at nothing.

“I meant about the space, not me!” She turned around and was in his arms.

Her bright green eyes twinkled as she looked into his, and her lips opened to speak but no words emerged. When he touched her sensitive neck her knees buckled, and she grasped his upper arms to steady herself to keep from falling. Then slowly his lips began touching her neck, and she wrapped one arm around his neck for better support, to draw him closer. He kissed her neck, her ears, and her chest, and then he settled on her lips.

His erection pulsed, throbbing against her abdomen. She wanted to touch him, to taste him. It had been so long since she had been with a man. Her heart raced as she clung to his neck, absorbing his life’s breath from his lips, kissing his neck, running her hands through his hair. She felt his chest hair through his light shirt. She opened the buttons of his shirt, while mindless lust and wanton need consumed her.


* * * *


Dave moved his arms behind her and pulled her against him. Her breasts pressed against his chest as their bodies locked together, nipples to knees. He backed her onto the nearby sofa. The taste of her intoxicated him, along with her sweet scent and her soft touch. He wanted more of her. So much more.

He unbuttoned her blouse. He groaned, a deep guttural sound, as he cupped her breast, an overflowing handful, rubbing his fingers across the little bud. He squeezed her nipple between his fingers, making it hard and erect while he continued to pilfer her soft, hot lips.

He became breathless, his heart raced, as he pushed himself closer to her. His swollen shaft throbbed against her abdomen. She has to know how much I want her. He wanted to feel her legs wrapped around him while he was inside her. He wanted her. He wanted to feel complete.


* * * *


Beep! Beep!! Beep!! Beeeeeeeeepp! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


Dave moved away from her, startled, breathless. She looked at his face, confused. What! This is it? You get me all hot and then quit? She reached for his neck to draw him to her, wanting to feel the warmth of his body on hers, to bring his lips back on hers. Her body was on fire everywhere he touched her, and only he could put out the flames. She felt his erection and surged toward it, wanting to feel more of him. She ran her fingers through his hair, and then reached for his chest. His nipples became hard as she rubbed across them, feeling his soft chest hair.

He held up his finger. “Listen!”

Tory lay on the couch, her blouse undone as Dave lay half over her with his shirt unbuttoned, listening intently.


Beep! Beeeeeep!  Beeeeeeeeeeep!!!


“A car horn. It must be Trevor back to pick us up.”



Professional Reviews

4 NYPMHS: “Deadly Revenge starts off with action and never stops. This story is quite fascinating and kept me in suspense, as I wondered what would happen next. From the first incident until the last, I never guessed who the villain was and imagine my surprise when all the characters fell in to place! Tory seemed to be a little short-sighted in the beginning about the accident and other events happening to her, but she finally reacted in a way that proved normal of any person. Her strength came from deep within after being betrayed by her ex-fiance’s cheating, which left her with a determination to not depend on others. Dave is my knight in shinning armor, who got a little lost at one point and that’s because he reacted without asking the right questions. These two characters truly unfolded in a positive way so that you couldn’t help but like them. Ms. Confer did a great job of writing a suspenseful tale of how human trafficking can affect people’s lives. Through her characters, they portrayed a very realistic story, along with how the plot unfolded for me. I look forward to reading more from this author.” — Goddess Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews





Isabella Donnelley is drugged at a friend’s house and transported from Denver, Colorado, to Stoney Creek, Virginia, to be sold as a sex slave.


When a young and beautiful woman bursts into Wyatt Bowman’s house, sparks fly. What neither of them counted on was how much their lives would change.


                                                 (copy and paste into browser)


Adult Excerpt:

Wyatt couldn’t quite identify what woke him from his recurring dream. He lay rigid, fully alert, his eyes still closed, he listened to the sobbing, shrieking, and screaming coming from Isabella’s room.

Worried her kidnappers had somehow gotten through the security system, he jumped up from his bed, grabbed a robe, and hurried to her room. Usually a very light sleeper, he believed he would have been wide awake at the first entry. He didn’t wait to think, and he flung open the door.

The moonlight spread across the bed allowing him to observe the sight of her tossing, turning, and screaming in the throes of a nightmare. She’d kicked off the light sheet and blanket, and her nightgown was pushed up to her waist, revealing skimpy lace panties. She screamed his name.

He rushed to the side of the bed, sat down beside her and grabbed her shoulders. “Isabella, Isabella, wake up, sweetheart, it’s okay now, honey, I’m here.”

“No, no, get away from me.” She pushed him away with her arms lashing out at him.

“It’s me, Wyatt. You’re all right, Bella. You’re safe now. You’re just having a nightmare.” He reached out and grabbed her arms.

Her eyes popped opened, and her eyelids fluttered. She looked around the room and finally focused on him. Trembling and sobbing, she swallowed, rose on her knees, threw her arms around his neck, and leaped into his arms. He was her life preserver.

When she tried to speak through her sobbing explanation, her voice sounded muffled against his bare chest.

“It seemed so real, they just kept chasing me. I kept running and running, but they still followed, getting closer and closer, Wyatt.” She hiccupped. Her tears fell down his chest. “They’re still coming after me, I know it. I don’t know when or how but they are. And Joe told me he’d kill me if I tried anything or gave them any trouble.”

She looked up into his eyes. “I don’t want you or anybody else to get hurt. What am I going to do?”

Wyatt rocked her as he had his sister when she had awakened from a bad dream after their parents’ deaths. “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.” The not knowing what could happen tore at his heart. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll take care of you.”

She began to calm down but continued to clutch his neck and shoulders.

“They won’t hurt you. I won’t even let them get near you. I’m here for whatever happens and I’m not leaving you to those animals, I promise.”


* * * *


As she looked up at his comforting blue eyes, her mind wrestled with all the feelings and emotions running through her. She wanted him to protect her with his strength. She wanted him to make her feel safe like only he could. As his scent overwhelmed her, pushed away her fear, she burrowed against him. She could smell his woodsy, piney aftershave and could feel his warm skin against hers. His broad, muscled shoulders felt so powerful beneath her fingers, and when she glanced at his full masculine lips, a quiver slid down through her tired, aching body.

She held her breath as he gazed at her through the narrowed slits of his darkened eyes. And when his lips met hers, she reveled in their softness and warmth. His kiss grew desperate and hot as his mouth devoured hers making her burn with desire. She wanted his touch, needed him to put out the raging fire burning deep inside her, and so much more. She ran her fingers up his neck and played with his thick hair.

He gently pushed her down on the bed, kissing her face, licking away the tears still wet on her cheeks. He traced her neck, her lips, her shoulders, and her breasts with his mouth. He pulled her to him and lay beside her. He couldn’t get close enough to her.

Low guttural sounds rose to his lips as he deepened his kiss, and she opened her mouth and tangled her tongue with his. He moved his hands up and down her back, along her sides, spreading heat everywhere he touched. He rested one hand on her right breast, lightly squeezed her already erect nipple between his thumb and index finger. It hardened even more sending jolts of electric sparks deep inside her. She quivered and thrust her breast toward him, wanting more.

He flicked his tongue in and out of her mouth, then down along her neck. She tilted her head back, accepting his touch, and a loud moan escaped from her kiss-swollen lips.

He lowered his head to her breast, caressed his tongue back and forth on her nipple before he took it in his mouth, and began to suck.

A fire erupted within her, encompassing her body. She needed him to extinguish the blaze before her body burst into flames. She pulled him closer to her, unable to get enough of him.

She could feel his erection, hard, and throbbing against her stomach. So many emotions inundated her, making her feel dizzy. She hadn’t felt such heat and wanton desire in a long time, and she ached for more.

He continued to kiss her breasts, and then slowly lowered his mouth to her breast. He reached under her skimpy nightgown with his hand to find her soft feminine curls. When he caressed her hot, wet folds, inserting a finger inside her, she arched toward his hand, wanting more. He gave her more, adding another finger to the first. She was so hot and so wet and so ready for him.

Then he moaned into her ear. “I want you, Isabella. I want you now.”

She was hypnotized by his darkened blue eyes, and he filled her with so much passion, so many sensations that she couldn’t find the right words to answer. She pulled his lips back to hers, greedily engulfing them. She stroked her tongue in and out of his mouth showing him what she wanted from him.

He lay between her legs, sucking her breasts. He vigorously rubbed her throbbing nub with his finger and thumb as he stroked his fingers in and out.

She gasped for air, dizzy, her head spinning. She ground against his hand, demanding more, wanting more, wanting him inside of her. She reached for his pulsing manhood and felt the hardness and smoothness. She gently caressed it, with butterfly-like touch, sliding her hand up and down.

He moaned and moved to enter her, placing his erection against her entrance. She lifted her hips up to meet his as he plunged into her with one long hard stroke. They looked in each other’s eyes, and she felt awed by the drowning sensations, enthralled by the pleasure. He thrust hard, reaching deep, filling her, increasing the throbbing need at her central core. The sensation was one she’d never felt before.

Hot and wet, she squeezed his throbbing length with her internal muscles. She ran her hands over his chest, around his neck, down his back. She wanted to touch all of him, everywhere. She pulled him closer, plundering his mouth while she plastered herself against him.

Moving together, she met his rhythm and arched her back to meet his every thrust. His heart pounded against her chest, a perfect matching beat to hers. Gasping for air, he smothered her guttural moans with his passionate kiss. A kiss ending their flight of ecstasy simultaneously.

He rolled to his side and collapsed, holding her hips and taking her with him while he stayed inside her. She couldn’t speak while she watched him try to catch his breath. Struggling to comprehend what had just happened, she attempted to make sense of all the emotions running through her. From the expression on his face, she suspected he was having a few of his own doubts.

Several minutes later, when their breathing had leveled out, and he’d become lax, he slipped out of her, leaving her empty. He reached for the light covers at the foot of the bed, pulling them up and over both of them, and pulled her closer to him. He nuzzled her neck, kissed her cheek.

“Relax and go to sleep. I’ll protect you. Everything is fine.”

Isabella relaxed as she reveled in the feel of his arms around her. She had never been loved so thoroughly. She was so warm and cozy. It felt right, lying in his arms. She was safe as only he could make her. She slowly drifted off to sleep.














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