I picked up my first Lori Foster novel at my library. I really enjoyed the book, but being a small library, there weren’t many of her books to be found. I did a little looking and had the librarian order  a few from the interlibrary exchange we had in Michigan. Once I moved to Pennsylvania, I bought her book, Causing Havoc. WOW! Strong, sexy men from the SBC. Such alpha men, but the women in their lives are just as strong. They have to be to put up with that much testosterone. There are 4 books so far with the 5th coming out in February 2010. When the Buckhorn Brothers series appeared as a reissue on the supermarket’s shelf and I immediately bought them. A doctor, a veterinarian, a sheriff and the county heartthrob. Whew! Talk about a long HOT summer!

It wasn’t too long ago that I had the pleasure of reviewing an anthology Lori was a big part of. Tails of Love was a wonderful book and purchasing it helps raise money for a no-kill shelter.

Lori Foster website

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