Wow!!  Great excerpts.  Makes me want to take my husband to the beach and … wait a minute.  He’d just take his six pack (and no, not his stomach) and forget about me.  I need to find myself a good man to take to the sand and have my way with.  Shh…..dont’ tell my hubby.

I agree that mountains can be nice too.  The ideal picnic setting with wine and cheese (or perhaps not cheese….at my age it just means things that are far from romantic) and the air is clear and crisp.  Mmmm…..yes, that would be nice.  Or a cruise.  I love the setting of a ship and dancing and being far from civilization.  Yes, I need a vacation. 

I want to read more.  Don’t tease me!  What are you working on now?  Where do you get the ideas from your stories besides personal travel?  Or perhaps that has nothing to do with it, does it?  I often wonder, too, if your children are future writers.  What do they think of your career?

Okay, enough questions for now.  Looking forward to some more excerpts!



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