Release date: January 15, 2020
Armchair travel? Nothing like it. No last-minute panic while getting out to the airport; no check-in or security check lines; no obnoxious seat partner on the plane; no screaming babies; no lost baggage; no lousy exchange rate; no pickpockets; no struggle, fuss or stress.
Snuggled into your favorite chair or propped against your pillows, you open your book (or reader) and are immediately transported into another world. Not only that: unlike a real tourist, you get to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

In my romantic suspense, The Turkish Affair, the setting is Karakuyu, an archaeological site in a dangerous part of Turkey. My heroine, Anne, is a former American journalist who, after a scandalous affair with the wrong man, lost her job and her reputation. For the last ten years, she’s been living in backwoods Turkey, working as a translator. She’s not interested in romance, an affair, or a partner: falling in love is too painful. Besides, in any relationship, you have to reveal who you are — and that’s something she’ll never do.

My hero, Renaud Townsend is an archaeologist. He’s passionate about his work, about ancient history, about discovery, and about keeping his independence. The last thing he’s ever wanted is a permanent relationship: after the first excitement and immediate desire, he knows that any love story becomes humdrum, and that’s what he’s determined to avoid.

But what happens when there’s an instant attraction? When caring slips into the picture? When trust becomes important? Throw in some artifact theft, a difficult climate, corrupt police, an empty beige plain surrounded by dark mountains, and your journey to another world has begun.


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