Wow!  Sounds like my kind of book.  And you had snickerdoodles?  What is a snickerdoodle?  I used to call my son that when he was little… I should warn him that you can eat them.  lol.  I love biscuits, though.  Mmm …  just thinking about them makes me want to bake some.  But I can’t do biscuits.  Last time I tried, the neighborhood kids came out to use them for hockey pucks. 

I love happily ever afters.  I’m sorry, but there is enough tragedy in real life, who needs it in books/movies.  I hated the movie Message in a Bottle. Ugh!  (if you haven’t seen this movie, read no further).  I waited for the entire movie for these people to get together, and for what????????  ugh!  Makes me want to scream.  I left the theatre wanting to hurt something.  You should enjoy a movie, or at least have them die for a reason.  Like “A Walk to Remember” (may as well use the same author) – I loved that movie.  At least there was a reason in that one. 

Okay, I’m ranting now.  I want to know more about your ‘other’ life.  What do you do when you’re not writing?  What are your favorite hobbies?  Do you have another special talent (besides making snickerdoodles) that you want to share?

I have to go watch a happy movie now…………

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