How do you feel about writing sequels?  Would you rather write a series and have people fall in love with the characters, following them through everything and anything they go through?  Or do you rather having just a mixture?

Where do you find the time to write? How does it feel to sit in front of the computer and try  to come up with a new storyline? Do you have many ideas for the future? And do you have people recognizing you on the street yet?  I can imagine that would be exciting.

Have you received any reviews for your work yet? How important are they to you? Would you like to share some? Or even if you would like to share comments made from readers.  And hey, if you want to share more excerpts, I have the fan nearby and my husband on stand by.  well, he’s always on stand by, but I may actually be able to get something out of him if I try hard.  NO pun intended.

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