A *hot* breakfast with Luc #Excerpt Surrender Love #SciFi #MMromance

A pre-release peek at Surrender Love. In this scene, Izzorah is having breakfast with his human lover, Luc Saint-Cyr. This is Luc and Izzorah’s first morning together as lovers. Aware the man will be gone part of the day, Izzorah offers his help.

Excerpt Surrender Love (MM Romance)

A slow smile crossed Luc’s face. “I may need a long, hot, sudsy shower and then help getting dry afterward.”

Izzorah’s throat tightened. A tender ache had him squirming in his seat. He offered a not-so-innocent smile. “We had that kind of shower before breakfast.”

“Yes, we did.” The man trailed a fingertip farther up Izzorah’s arm, causing him to flush with heat. “But between now and then, I intend to work up a sweat. I’m going to need another one.”

Izzorah squirmed again, spreading his legs farther apart.

“And then I’ll need help to dress. Tuxedo affair. I’ll teach you how to fasten everything. It’s complicated. We may have to take everything off and put it back on a few times so you can practice.”

They rose together and leaned across the table. Izzorah gripped Luc’s robe to pull him close, deepening their kiss. The table dug into his thighs.

McDoth’s return with milk and coffee broke them apart.

Izzorah felt his cheeks flame.

Luc reseated himself, a self-satisfied smile on his gorgeous face.

Biting into his lower lip, Izzorah resisted the urge to cast breakfast aside and feast on Luc instead.

The android poured more coffee and left.

The size of Luc’s dark hands as they wrapped the white mug brought back memories of the night before. Those hands had held him, turned him, lifted him. Loved him. Izzorah had given himself over in complete trust. He’d rested in Luc’s strong arms. Those loving hands had bathed him, soaped his chest and shampooed his hair. Those same tender hands had dried his skin and hair, lifting strands with patient fingers as he blew it dry.

Izzorah swallowed, his throat tight.

Surrender Love

A *hot* breakfast with Luc #Excerpt Surrender Love #SciFi #MMromance More than love. Surrender.

He’s the most powerful man in the Empire, and he’s immortal. When his mortal lover walks away, the smart thing is to move on and forget. But how can he bear this loneliness, life after life?

Until he meets an adorable Kin male, a catlike humanoid with perky cat’s ears and eyes, an intense curiosity about the world, and the almost superpower ability to smell every subtle change of emotion. This might be the soulmate he’s hoped for. The one person to whom he can surrender his heart.

But to bring his beloved closer means revealing every damning secret, every twisted truth, and every hidden lie, or risk losing him forever…

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Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role-playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She is the author of multiple books, novellas, and short stories. She’s also a US Navy veteran and has been married so long she’s tenured.
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