Running down the street without my bra could hurt someone namely me!  *can you say black eyes?*

In the follow up to Braless a little over a year has passed and Sharlene, Jake’s partner, has moved into the house he used for his covert investigation of Allie. 

Allie and Jake have a cute little girl named Gabby.  She looks like an angel. But the baby’s devilish actions bring the two main characters, Cade, and Sharlene together.

The trio of FBI agents are invesitigating a nefarious club this go round, with lots of hilarity and zany antics in between. I’ve really enjoyed writing Cade, and Sharlene, as well as revisiting the Neighborhood Inquisition.  But, I won’t lie, Gabby’s been my favorite character so far. To give you a hint on how bad this baby can be, Sharlene’s pet name for her is Fang. “Gah gah” apparently means “I wanna suck your blood” in baby-ese. 




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