From fans reading from the United States to soldiers experiencing the great books of Mr. Grippando in Iraq, be prepared to be intrigued. After being a trial lawyer for twelve years, James became a full-time writer. He loves writing and it shows in his stories. They carry bite and action that thrills. He credits his influence to his mom, and dad and a good family life. James lives in Florida and writes outdoors in his backyard. His outdoor office has these essentials:  a patio table and chair, a big shade umbrella, a laptop computer, a hammock, a hot tub, and a swimming pool. Be sure to read his loving tribute to his story on his dog, Sam, who had played a huge part in his writing. I was deeply touched by this tribute.

Lying with Strangers had me completely spellbound. The intense drama, not to mention adrenaline rush, and riveting action, still plays in my head. Every time I tried to put the book down, I kept turning the pages. Even when I finished it, I opened it up to read again. James Grippando skillfully masters a best seller on my list. This gripping novel, with a diversity of characters, tugged at me never once letting go. Peyton and Kevin are brilliantly portrayed in a way; I felt I shared a connection with them. With an ingenuous plot, mingled with a touch of terror, Mr. Grippando pens an extraordinary suspense with non-stop action at its best. Hold onto your seats, this is one high-flying read that thrills, while keeping the reader guessing until the end.

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