Where do you prefer to do your writing?
Claudine, normally I try to write for a few hours in the a.m. before 
getting my son off to school - but sometimes if I'm working on an 
assignment for a newspaper, that's what I'll be working on. I aim for 
writing at least 500 words a day in any story I'm working on.
I have an office at home, but I'm comfortable writing in any number of 
places. I definitely don't try to watch TV while I'm writing - not 
sure how anyone could manage that! But I do listen to all kinds of 
music while I'm working.
Favorite junk food or snack?
My favorite junk food is chips and salsa. I don't have a favorite 
coffee. I don't really drink much coffee but I love all kinds of tea. 
There's a white tea with peach I like a lot, or chamomile and lavender 
is good too.
What would be the dream Vacation for you?
I'd love to go to Spain, because I've never been there. Of the places 
I've been, I'd love to go back to Sedona in Arizona or to Ireland - 
Sedona's just beautiful and as for Ireland, I just loved how warm and 
friendly the people were.
I have to tell you the cover to Thirty-nine again looks very Tasty (cough) interesting… can you tell us about it?
Thirty-Nine Again is my first published novel. It's a 
romantic suspense story about a breast cancer survivor who's 
celebrating her second thirty-ninth birthday. She's hoping to have a 
quiet year and a peaceful life. Instead she discovers her fiancé is 
leading a double life and the Mexican mob wants her dead. She goes on 
the run with the help of her sexy personal trainer - who turns out to 
NOT be a personal trainer at all. The story is full of action and 
adventure, but at it's heart, it's about Sabrina learning to take care 
of herself, regain her confidence and reinvent herself.
What makes this book special to you?
A portion of all royalties from Thirty-
Nine Again will be donated to breast cancer awareness charities.
 **Did you read that everyone?! Not only a great book but a great book with a great cause!

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