Mine by M.D. Stewart

My very first book, MIne, not only my first published book but the first I finished instead of having a partial saved in my docs! I had a dream one night and woke up the next day needing to write this book! I spent days typing on my laptop while my husband would give me a side-eye every now and then. I felt embarrassed to tell him what I was doing! I finally told him, “I’m writing a book.” To which he said, “Um. Okay.” It’s been a roller coaster of emotion since then, but he’s always supported and encouraged me.

The main character, Mason “Mace” Adams, is a twenty-six-year-old man who trusts no one. At the age of thirteen, his older brother leaves their abusive home to join the Air Force. Not willing to suffer alone under his alcoholic father, Mace runs away and takes his chances on the streets. He meets another young man, Derek Longstreet, who’s escaped his nightmare home. Together they rely on each other to survive until Derek starts to pull away from Mace, bringing up abandonment issues for him. Feeling alone and forsaken, Mace acts out and commits a crime, ending up in federal prison at the tender age of 17.

Abigail “Abby” McMillion grew up in a time where “good girls don’t have sex before marriage.” In 1972, she’s seventeen and gives in to the pressure and has sex with her boyfriend. Afraid of her religious family’s condemnation, and the bullies of her school, Abby leaves home and makes a life for herself. In 1982, on her way home from work, she disappears. Captured by aliens, she’s kept in stasis for years then subjected to long periods of being alone. When she comes back to her dark cell from the latest round of tests, she shocked to find a man there.

Neither Abby nor Mace trust easily and both fight their attraction. Eventually, the two rely on each other for survival and form the mythical Psy-Bond, connecting them mentally and spiritually. During a rescue attempt, Abby is careened back to the time she was abducted, thirty-five years in the past, leaving Mace mentally unstable and dying without her.

My main character, Mace, was inspired by Dominic Purcell. He’s been in many different shows, but I first saw him in The Legends of Tomorrow. In my mind, Mace talks just like Dominic’s character Mick Rory. Slow and deep. I just fell in love with this wounded character, his penchant to use the f-bomb, his tatts, piercings, and brands. And, spoiler, this isn’t the only book he makes appearances in other books. Max, his brother is none other than Ian Somerhalder and his BFF, Derek was inspired by Chris Hemsworth.

Ours by M.D. Stewart

The next book in the series is Ours and my first menage book. This book continues the journey that started in Mine but is told from the perspectives of Mace’s brother Max, his best friend Derek, and Sahara, an alien female who was in charge of Mace and Abby’s care during their captivity. The three characters in this story come together (no pun intended, unless you find it funny, then it’s totally intended). Sahara is a Being, a race of aliens who have lost the ability to emote. They have basics down, but true emotion has eluded them and as a result, babies have not been born to them for generations. That’s the reason they end up here on Earth; to study humans hoping to restore their emotions.

We learn that Derek withdrew from Mace, worried that Mace would reject his friendship because he’s gay. The boys lived together, fought together and slept in the same bed to stay warm. Derek didn’t want Mace to hate him or fear his motives. By the time he finds the courage to see Mace, he’s in jail for car theft. While there, he meets Mace’s brother Max. Sparks fly between them and it begins a secret they’ve held for a decade. Derek goes on to become a social worker to help kids on the street, especially LGBTQ youth thrown out because of their sexual orientation.

Max still feels guilty for leaving home at seventeen and abandoning his younger brother. He’s tried to reconnect with him, but Mace disappeared onto the streets. He throws himself into his Air Force career, never realizing the impact it will have later. His special forces training and expertise in alien culture puts him in the position to be a liaison between Earth’s military and the aliens.

These three beings have to learn to forgive themselves of past sins before they can truly help Mace in his quest to rescue Abby from the past and save Mace’s sanity and his life. Their Psy-Bond may not be enough to help. Time is running out as the world finds out that aliens have been hiding on Earth for seventy years.

The Hunter by M.D. Stewart

The third book in the series and the one that essentially wraps up the Mine storyline is The Hunter. In this book, we meet a new alien race, the Otronians. They are a peaceful race of extraordinarily good-looking people. They have two off-planet jobs; The Watchers and The Hunters.

Watchers secretly go to different planets and observe, learn and teach the inhabitants (we’ll learn more about them in the spin-off series). The Hunters are intergalactic bounty hunters. They and the Watchers can travel back in time, but Hunters go to track down criminals for the alien governments who hire them bring back rogues. Since Abby was hurtled back to 1982, the Beings hire our hero, Kai’el “Kai” Caomhanach, to travel back in time and rescue her. He has the knowledge and the technology to save her, but time travel has a price. For each moment the timeline is disturbed, it creates inconsistencies, and it takes a toll on Abby, nearly killing her.

Doctor Aria Sharma is a trauma specialist, overcoming her own past injuries. First being a female doctor in a highly specialized field in 1982 is amazing, but coming off her own brain injury from an abusive husband has left her shaken. When Abby is brought to her, she knows the red-head probably won’t wake up again, and if she does, she won’t be able to take care of herself. When a gorgeous man shows up saying he can cure Abby, Aria is skeptical but agrees to accompany her patient to this “miracle hospital.” Little does she know that she will be transported to the future and another planet.

Both Kai and Aria recognize the other from dreams they’ve had in the past, but Aria is afraid to trust her instincts. During a moment of passion, they form their own Psy-Bond and the need to resue Abby and save Mace is even more important. But the Beings are under attack on Earth, and saving Abby may be in vain if Mace is killed by insurgents. It’s a race against time to save Earth and reunite Mace and Abby.

We get to watch the sexy Kai’el (or as Aria first thinks it’s pronounced…Kyle) and his family do a Haka Dance. When I first pictured Kai, I saw Jason Momoa in my head. And who doesn’t like to picture Jason Momoa? We meet his cousin, Aoki who is Brock O’Hurn, so you can see why they are considered gorgeous people, with just these two men as average Otronians. We learn more about Otronians and Kai’s family in the next book.

Saving the Elite by M.D. Stewart

The last book in the series, Saving the Elite, brings the reader to the planet Otron for adventure and romance. The Otronians who stay planetside, are peaceful farmers, doctors, and teachers. The government is split into two main branches, but all the women who are highly educated, or serve in the government are known as Elites. They have very specific rules to follow, to stay in power; they aren’t allowed to mate, and sex is encouraged but there are limitations to prevent natural pregnancy.

On Earth, identical twins Andy and Alex Remington have joined different branches of the service. Alex is a Navy SEAL and Andy is Air Force Special Forces. Both fight off insurgents to help reunite Mace and Abby, then take up the next adventure; leaving Earth and moving to Otron. Alex meets and falls for Kai’s younger sister Leila Caomhanach, a doctor and member of the Elite. But to stay together, they have to hide their mating.

Andy finds love with Being MedTech Joy and each couple discovers the wonders of the Psy-Bond. The matings have unintended consequences that the Remington Twins must learn and accept. But Otron has a secretive group of men who call themselves “Traditionalists” that want to rid their planet of the Earthers and bring their Elite women back to the “Old Ways.” To accomplish their goal, they must eliminate the Elite Class and those who support them. Otron will fall into civil war unless Andy and Alex can find a way to stop the Traditionalist movement from killing everyone they love.

In Saving the Elite, we glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants and the planet Otron. We get to know the large and loving Caomhanach (pronounced QUEEM-an-ock), Family. We also get to see more of the Haka Dance, something I find so sexy! I also had fun creating this world. In another series, Crossing the Line, we will visit the Being Homeworld.

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