Hmm, You asked how I went about handling sex in my books.  I like to think of it as writing love scenes and not a sexual romp to thrill a reader. To set my mood, I flood the house with music. The same music every time. “Just Show Me How to Love You” by Sarah Brightman and Jose Cura; “Time to Say Goodbye”, Sarah and Andrea Bocelli; “‘O Mare E Tu” with Boceli and Dulce Pontes; “There for Me” with Sarah and Jose Cura; Dulce Pontes with her throaty, fiery songs and Capercaillie with their exciting, wild music.

They give voice to the man and woman I’m writing about. Jose Cura and Bocelli make my heart pound with their pleading. Who could ignore them? While their music flowed over me, I wrote the verses for the songs in Always Mine. Brianna danced to Capercaillie and her voice lifting to the great hall’s rafters was the sound of Dulce Pontes’.

I think every author has a different take on how they go about describing it. With me, I have to really love my characters so I can become them. Once I’m in their mind, then I know how they’re feeling and what would be the most exciting thing for them. And I become the man, too, to know what he’s anticipating and how he’s feeling–what turns him on.

For instance, Meghan of Blackthorn and Rolf MacDhaidh  would make love differently than our Brianna Sinclair and Damron of Blackthorn. Even more of a contrast would be the way the berserker Mereck of Blackthorn would initiate Lynette of Wycliffe to love.

So, say if I’m Meghan, I know she wouldn’t be thrilled if Rolf treated her like a delicate flower. After all, she was a warrior woman and knew what lovemaking was all about, even if she was intact (a virgin) when they first went to bed.

If I were Briana, whose modern soul had returned to medieval times, she also knew what to expect and would have the confidence to throughly enjoy yerself.

Har! But wait until you read Mereck and Netta’s wedding night! Now that was one heck of a lot of fun.

I think authors do pull a little from their own experiences and what they like, but they also have to use a lot of imagination. And, as for the rest of it, I’ll leave that to your imagination. One thing I will tell you is, my dh likes to read the love scenes. So do his friends whose wives have bought my tales. When the guys ask him about it, he puffs up like a proud pigeon.


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